*The very horrible, no good, bad day*

*The very horrible,no good, bad day.*

Have you ever thought about crying over spilt milk? How about walking literally out of the soles of your shoes? Have you ever locked your keys in your car or even got pulled over by cop? Has it ever happened within hours of itself? And you can’t help but laugh or your going to cry? Well, if so raise your hands. You can come sit with me today. That literally was my Monday… It started off by a routine cop pulling me over, to walking out of not one sole of my shoe; but two; then I spilt milk all over me, and to wrap things up-locked my keys out of my car…. Now I could have done three things: cried, laugh, or be angry….. You know- I laughed…. But not everyone is like me. God uses stuff like this to test us, or even make us draw closer to him. But why would he do this? Why today, why me? I don’t know… But maybe we should ask- “What we’re you protecting me from?”. See God may have saved my life from a wreck ahead, maybe that milk was bad, maybe I just needed new shoe, and maybe he just wanted to see if I truly would stop and praise him even in the bad. God tested Job. Job was a good man, obedient to God’s word. And yet God let his family die, his wife left, he got sick, lost everything…. But he praised God even then, and God did bless him. So remember next time your having a bad day- remember where our strength comes from… God! Stop, pray, and let God hold you for a moment. He always has a reason, even if we never understand it.



Why do we feel entitled to everything? Look around for a moment and think… You take a lot of items, choices, etc for granted – but yet you feel as you deserve that. In Isaiah 64:6, God tells us our “best works are as good as filthy rags.” And if he says that why do we still feel entitled to certain things? We are greedy these days. 

Now I know you probably think I’m going off the deep end because I’m saying this. And your probably thinking, “When have I been greedy, felt entitled to something, or even boosted about my good words?”  Well it happens even when your trying to fight against it. Greed can be anything. Most people thing of money, but it can be greedy with food, time, work, tv, anything. If you’d rather keep it then help someone for 5 minutes- are you greedy with your time? What if you feel entitled to every penny you own at home. Have you forgotten that God blessed you with such things? 

You see God is like a photographer. He takes all the photos from a shoot, ( life situation, event, etc ), and goes through them. Each photo at a time. Inspecting each smile, laugh, pose, to get the most prefect one. Taking it editing it – erasing each blemish, scar, unwanted fly away hair. Making you look you best. And gives it to you- hours , days, weeks, of work done so you could have the very best photos. Then you receive them…. And you get angry. Why? There the best! God hand picked each one for you, but yet you still seem entitled to them all… Greedy for more. But then more isn’t enough. And you basically tell God he made a mistake…. But God doesn’t make mistakes. We do. (Isaiah 64:8) 

Even with all that said we still feel like we should be entitled to our job, to our home, to even our spouse, but in reality God gave us these things . God wanted us to live in such A way that we would be blessed. He told us if we tell him the desires of our heart he will give them to us; and if that is true then why do we feel that we need more? When just a little is really enough. 

Do you remember the widow who gave all she had? All she had to give was to pennies and really those two pennies back then didn’t even equal a penny, but that’s all she had literally , physically , mentally ; that is all she had to give. And God said that that was the best offering that he received back from anyone that day. You can look up that verse, the verse of the cheerful giver, and we’re supposed to be like that. we need to give everything that we have not just Sunday’s, not just some money here when WE feel like that that person really needs it.  Because in reality what we own is God’s and we are desperately in need for what we have now. Because if he wanted to take it away, in one swipe of the hand everything we own could be gone. Do you really realize that? I know it seems crazy, but everything we own in this world can be taken away as fast as we’ve gotten it or even faster. Because God is almighty and he will do what he wants, and if we are in his will ; we shouldn’t want to be greedy,  we shouldn’t want to feel entitled to anything. But we should want to give our all to him. Because in the end will never be perfect , but with him we will always appear as if we are in his eyes. 

~ Marli 

“Dressed and Ready Bride-Or Runway Bride? Which one are you?”

“Dressed and Ready Bride-Or Runway Bride? Which one are you?”

I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian songs lately, and they mention this line: “Like a bride waiting for her groom; we’ll be a church ready for you.”.
Now I’ve been thinking very hard about this lately, mainly because I am a new bride-I get married this Saturday(10.17.15), and my emotions are wacky. I’m excited, nervous,stressed,sad,amazed, and more- but people know I am the bride. They know I am because of the smile I’m wearing, the ring that my groom placed on my hand, and from the way that I can not stop talking about every detail that I planned out for us on this special day.

So if we as a church are the “Bride” shouldn’t we be doing the same in our Christian walk? People will know I’m the bride on Saturday, because of my white dress-and they will watch me literally walk in front of them down the isle to meet my handsome groom. CHURCH; wake up please. We are in white waiting for the doors to open to be able to walk down with our father to our groom. We are waiting for the day, just like I am right now, to say, “it’s my wedding day.”. God literally explains the coming of Christ as a wedding because weddings are a joyous time of celebration and happiness. It’s when two people finally become as one.

And that’s what we will do. We finally will be one with God. Read that again: “We will be ONE with God.”. Let that sink in….. It’s hard too isn’t it? Just like a bride finds it hard to believe that she is finally getting married to her groom; whom she’s waited so patiently for.

If we truly are the bride, why Church do we act as if we hate it? Why do we act like we are just wanting the wedding to be over with? Why do we act as if we are mad and sleepy ? Are you not thrilled? Don’t you know your waiting for your doors to open to see your groom?

Many of you may say, “Well Marli, I just don’t know how to be happy for this. How do I show it?”. Through worship, through prayer, through reading your bible, through changing your radio station from whatever it is now to Christian music, through getting so worked up for Christ that your literally like a firecracker about to explode to show how bright you can be in a dark sky, through submerging yourself in Christ so much that you can’t get enough. So caught up in Christ that you look so different from the word that people think your crazy, your family want to pray with you, that your neighbors have to ask why your happy, because you ARE the BRIDE of CHRIST!

Don’t hide it people. Don’t be that runaway bride. The bible warns us about that, (that’s a different devotion), but wake up. I don’t care if your Baptist, Assembly, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, and so forth- praise God . He is the one who makes our plans, who knows our deepest secrets and still loves you, who wakes you up each and every morning with the sunrise and breath in your lungs, He is your God.

And if you don’t believe me, ask him for yourself. Because MY God is POWERFUL, MY God is ALMIGHTY, MY God is KEEPER OF THE STARS, and MY God ALREADY WON THE WAR. I’m on his team, I’m called HIS daughter, and I am the BRIDE of Christ. And this world can NEVER take that away from me. This world CAN’T stop me or slow me down. I may be nothing to a lot of people , but to God-I’m worth it. If I was the LAST girl on Earth; he still would have died for me. And you know what-I refuse to hold back praises to the King. He is to be High and Lifted up. Because He is worthy, he is holy, he is the only one who can save me and I am his; and he is mine. And I will fix my eyes upon him and breath, because my God knows my plans for me; even those hundreds of years down the road.And I will be the bride of Christ who is happy to be a Bride.

I Challenge you to pray, asking God how you are to praise him. How can you be the happy Bride that the world can see in everyday life. What changes will he have you make? Church’s I pray that we wake up soon, because the door will open and the groom will be waiting for us to walk down the isle. Will you be dressed and ready for your wedding? Or will you be a runway bride?

~ Marli

Relax? I can’t relax!


Relax? I can’t relax!

Have you ever had someone tell you that it will all be ok, you just need to “relax”. Yeah, sounds simple. But then you start to wonder off and get lost in your thoughts, your too do list, and all of your stress. Relaxing is never easy. But God tells us to come to Him when we are tired and weak. Yes, even when we are stressed to the max. It’s hard to think that a simple prayer to God is suppose to help you relax. He is the only one who understands your problem fully. Fix your eyes upon him and the stress of the world will become dim. For his yoke is easy and his burden is light. He is literally the only one who can hold the world, so why couldn’t he “de-stress” you? Give it a try. I know I am…

~ Marli