“It is done.” 

Why do we forget that we have a God who loves us even when we do not love ourselves? God doesn’t make trash and he’s never made a mistake. He created you in the image of him, but when we look in a mirror- we only see sin. Why is it that we cringe at our reflection, but God loves us as is. We run and hide because we don’t like what’s inside, but God sighs – because he hates seeing us in this bind. The devil is sneaky. Yes, he is sly. But God is love, and his mercies are not hidden in disguise. Look up, from the darkness that overwhelms your soul. You were created for more than to just cry alone. Lift your eyes into the one who gave his soul for you. His blood was pure and his love is to. Take his hand , and he will lift you up. He rebukes the devil, in the name of Father, Spirit and Son. For you are special. Don’t you understand? He gave up his crown, to live as man. Your worth more than the rubies and Diamonds combine. Even though you think your not worth a dime. Look in the mirror- what do you see? For God smiles, your perfect, even though you never think you’ll be. Trust in the Lord, for He is good. And maybe you will understand his unending grace, his unending love. So next time you feel like your ten feet deep, look up to the only one who’s watching out for you and me. Cry out his name, and he will come. He’s the only one who cares enough to “send his only son.”. Today you may be drowning, tomorrow made new. He never gives up on me- or you. What defines you? If someone asked… Would you Be able to tell the task. That you belong to Jesus, and you draw near to him. Or will shrug your shoulders , and feel you heart sink within. You are his, that’s why he died. It wasn’t for fun, wasn’t for pleasure- if so we should die. Look up to the one who is on his throne. Cast your cares upon him- let him say, “It is done!”.
– Marli Wright 

People watching? Wait haven’t I seen this before? 

Have you ever people watched ? If you haven’t it’s a simple process. You maybe shopping and watch the people walk by. Your just aware of your surroundings and the people in them. Sometimes you see small things that some will never notice, like a slight trip on the stairs or maybe even someone talking on the phone and almost running into a bush. So of the things we notice is funny, but somethings aren’t always pleasant to see. Maybe you notice that children these days aren’t always respectful. Have you seen some of the ways that they speak to their parents? Maybe you noticed how some people believe they are better than another person so they walk a different way or even bully them. Today the world is a different place than when my Nana and Papa grew up. Maybe you remember that time as well. Heck, the world is different than when I was a child, but there is some verses that warned us about this generation. Why should we watch for this? We may not understand the Bible-but when God tells us about things to watch for, we should simply watch. It’s not hard to notice. It takes five seconds of your time. 
I want to start off with something that the writer in Proverbs said; “Surely I am more stupid than any man. And do not have the understanding of a man. Neither learned wisdom nor have knowledge of the Holy One.”- Proverbs 30:2-3. I don’t want you to think because I write a blog that I’m wise, because I am not as smart as I may seem. I don’t have wisdom like my elders and I don’t have knowledge of God. However I am able to write what God has lead me to write. Not because I’m special, but because I’m willing to be used by God for His work. Many may read that verse and think it’s a put down, but it quite the opposite. The writer humbled himself before the Lord, letting the people around him see he is not powerful or full of knowledge- but he serves a God that is. We can’t claim to know God fully, but if we humble ourselves he allows us to understand his ways. That is what I am trying to do with this blog. I am not doing it for popularity. I am not writing to win prizes or to woo people. So I pray you understand that God uses these words to work in your life, and that you see God not Marli. I’m Just being myself, but working with an amazing God that leads me where He wants me to go. 
Just like I try to do what God tells me, so did the writer of this passage in Proverbs. This post maybe a tad long, but I promise there’s a purpose. God tells us there’s a generation to watch for in Proverbs 30. And if we are not people watching, how can we be for sure when this generation has arrived? 

Proverbs 30:11-14 says this, “There is a generation that curses it’s father. And does not bless its mother. There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filthiness. There is a generation – oh how lofty their eyes! And their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation whose teeth are like swords. And who’s fangs are like knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.” 
Maybe your thinking, “Man that’s a bad generation. Hope I don’t see them.” I think we have and are seeing them. I’m not here to prophesied or scare people, but I do think we need to be aware. Wake up. Look around you. Maybe the you’ll see what I’m saying. It first tells us “There is a generation that curses it’s father. And does not bless its mother.” Ok well this one isn’t hard to find. How many children or teens etc have you seen speaking to their moms and dads in a way that is just plain disrespectful? I know I have. I cringe when I hear them. I know if I tried to do that my mouth would have been slapped right off my face. Then there’s a few that believe they are better than their families and speak badly of them… Why does God tell us this? Well if you remember God tells us to “Honor your mother and father for this is the first commandment with promise.” If your cursing them, your not honoring them. It goes against the commandments, and is probably the least concerning of the four things He lists about this generation. 
The next thing says, “There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filthiness. ” This one weighed heavy on me. Not because I’m so wise, but because I see this a lot. People my age and under me think that they have the right to everything and anything. They think they can do know wrong. They think it’s everyone else’s fault, but their own. And they don’t think anyone but the can do a certain job… Your probably shaking your head yes as of now. Looking at your phone or computer thinking, “Man I’m glad no one can see me.” This generation that the writer is talking about, I believe is mine. A generation I’m not proud to be in. It’s one who is the “Me Me Me Generation”. It’s not what we can do for each other, it’s what can you do for me? This generation thinks they have rights that in reality they don’t have. Do you want an example? 

This generation believes they have certain rights to their bodies that no one can take from them. They believe that abortion is a good thing. This generation is more feminist and fight to become more like a man. This generation believes no one is for them so they are against everyone. This generation also thinks that what their doing is right, but in reality- it’s nothing but filth. 

Did that just fit the verse? I believe so. 

Maybe you think I shouldn’t brought a political issue into this blog, but that is the generation their talking about. 
I read an argument on abortion the other day, and it really made me sick to my stomach. The argument started off like this: Girl one: “Why is it ok for a woman to tell the world she is going to kill her baby – and the worlds ok with that. But if she says, I am going to kill my dog. They would throw her in jail?” 

Girl two: “Maybe because the dog is a living creature. And that thing- is a lump of cells. It’s not alive. And it’s not wanted . Women have that right to do so.” 

Girl one: ” What if the dog was unwanted? Also you were just a “Lump of cells” once yourself.” 

Girl Two: “The dog has no right to die. Place it in a shelter if you don’t want it. Women have rights to their bodies and do NOT have to be a host of “cells” if they do NOT choose to be. The difference between me and that “lump of cells” was I was wanted. Maybe that cell wasn’t wanted.” 

Girl One: “I can’t believe we are really concerned about the dog, more so than the fact you think it’s ok to kill a human baby. Just like the dog, you could place the baby up for adoption instead of aborting it.” 

Girl Two: “It’s not a baby until it’s born. And a woman does NOT Have to be a host for the cells. She has every right to get rid of them, because there not alive. It’s women’s rights!”

Girl One: “What if the baby was a girl. What about her rights?” 

Girl Two:”Women’s rights, the living women. No one can tell if the cells are alive or their genders for sure until their born. Their a lump of cells not a baby.” 
Sadly rafts where the argument left off at. This young girl, believed so deeply that she was right, that she had no fear of killing a child. She believed she was right, and had justification for her reasoning. She believed she was right. “There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filthiness.” Doesn’t it seem like it’s that generation? I could go on with more issues but I’m not here for that. I’m heavy harder because my generation is the one that their writing about. My generation believes they are fixing women’s rights. In reality they are filthy. They have the blood of innocents upon their hands and can’t even see it, because they believe they are doing what’s right in their own eyes… 
The last two are this, “There is a generation- Oh how lofty are their eyes! And their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation whose teeth are like swords, and who’s fangs or like knives , to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among the Men.” If your like me you thought, “Ok what does this mean. Especially the one about their eyes.” It’s more of a prideful act. Its meaning instead of humbling theirselves to God they don’t fear him. They see God more of an equally instead of a God who is to be feared reverently. Pride seems to be a big issue in these generations. God tells us over and over again throughout he Bible to “Humble thyself.” People think that their to good for that or that they are equal to God. And it’s not true. We are NOT Equals to God. We can never be a God and will never be God. Yet, some feel as if they can become one though. That is the generation of the lofty eyes. 

The last one states that “Their teeth are like swords and their fangs are like knives.” So basically we are looking for vampires? No, although that could possibly be easier to find. This last generation it speaks of hurts people with their words. They spit them out of their mouths like swords or knives and they cut deep like them as well. They will think they are better than the poor or the needy and often times try to run them off. And sadly, we have seen cases of this as well. With the internet like it is, social bullying is a big deal. There has even been some cases of teens committing suicide over words that people have said, wrote, and gossiped about on social media and in person. 

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?”… That’s a lie. Word hurt like swords and knives. The wounds take a long time to heal. Some wounds never heal and the cut from the sword is to deep, and you die… How many lives have been taken from this? This generation is active as well as the others. No one hears as much about it anymore. Why? Because there trying to make social networks safe and bully free, but it won’t matter. this generation will not be done until they “Devour the poor from the earth and the needy from the men.” Harsh? Yes, but so it this generation. 
I felt the need to write about these generations not to scare anyone, but to force you to see that what’s happening around us isn’t spontaneous. It was told to happen long ago. These generations are mean and unruly. How do we stop them? It didn’t say how, but we can’t just let them run free because God didn’t put the answer right there in clear day. However prayer still works and God still saves. As long as that remains true, we can overcome anything because of who He is. Philippians 4:13 “For I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” We often forget the last part of the verse though. We believe we can do all things… But if we don’t have God to strengthen us, we will fail. Maybe God is using you To stand up for life, or to stand up against bullies. Maybe He wants to use you to talk about his love. However He’s using you, don’t give up. Just because you fail today, doesn’t mean you should stay down. “For YOU can do all things through Christ that strengthens YOU.” Yes I changed me to You, because you can do it with the help of Christ. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. God doe not give us fear, He gives us love. The Devil in stills fear in us to try to get us to fail and to stop us from doing Gods plan. Even the Devil himself knows that one day his day will come, where God will defeat him once again. That is why he try’s to stop so many Christians today. Don’t be one of them. Send up a prayer and give God the glory. Watch out for these generations that we talked about today, and remember humble yourself and allow God to use you. Have a wonderful day! 

Spiritual ADHD 



This morning I got in a hurry and didn’t stop to read my bible. Doesn’t sound like a crime, but I found myself on Facebook. Although social media isn’t always a bad thing, I found myself scrolling through status and photos of things I’ve already read. Why could I be in a hurry and still have time for Facebook but not my bible? I even have a bible app I could have been on and I wasn’t. In that insist I realized that I, in one of the smallest ways, placed these apps before God. I just heard this sermon. I know what God thinks of this. Why couldn’t I get it together? 
Maybe you’ve done this as well? Even though we are human and we mess up, it doesn’t give us the right to just ignore our duties as Christians. I had five minutes of Facebook time- when I could have used that for five minutes of bible reading or prayer. Just like you, I fail. I’m human. I make mistakes. I forget to stop and just say 3 words – “Thank You Jesus.”.  
You see some mornings I wake up in a rush, I forget where I’m going, or even wether or not I washed my good pants. God always will be there and I sometimes abuse that. How? Well by thinking, “Oh your always here. I’m five minutes I’ll sit down to pray, but let me do this….”. It’s like I have spiritual ADHD. 
God wants us to be like the friend you can’t live without. The one you call all the time. Send funny photos to. The friend that when you down you text because they always make you smile. Although God doesn’t have a phone number- we do get unlimited calls to him. He always answers and never posts those silly photos of you. He is a friend that loves at all times and he never leaves us stranded. God never cancels plans if something comes up. He always listens. So why don’t we call him? 
Maybe it’s because we feel overwhelmed by our sin or our guilt that he won’t accept us. But listen- he loved you when you was at your worse. He loved you before you was even formed. It’s hard to think that even on my most messed up days- God loves me. That’s why in my moment of rushing- I felt guilty for not stopping to read my bible. Just like you feel guilty for not sending that quick text to a friend in need. It don’t take long- just like a pray isn’t hard to say…. 
So as we go on with our busy lives, remember that God is with you. Don’t forget to stop and thank him. Read your bible. Spend time with him. And even though we fail, remember he still loves us! Gods only a phone call away! He never sends you to voicemail. 

What defines you? 

There are so may things telling a us what we should do, how we should look, what we should feel, how we should worship, and how we should act as Christians. Shouldn’t we be lead by what God is telling us rather than the church itself? I feel compelled to write this, not to defile the church in any ways shape or form, but to show you that we should rely on God. Your doctrine can’t save you-but Christ can. So why do we get wrapped up in this “doctrine”?  

There’s so times today we define ourselves by our doctrines. We rely on it to much. We pride ourselves on what church we attend and how we are received there. Now I’m not judging, I’m just writing what I feel like needs to be said. I am not Baptist. I’m not Assembly. I’m not Methodist . I’m not Pentecostal or Catholic. I am a sinner who was saved by the blood of the cross. I was then remade into the image of Christ. And that is why I am a Christian and That is the doctrine I stand on.  
Do I sound harsh? Maybe… But it’s true. If all these doctrines didn’t have Jesus centered around them, then it’s a cult or a club. If all these doctrines fell through, then what do we have to stand on? Some say Christ, but truly dig deep and think here. Are you really? 

Why am I asking this? Because I was not standing on the blood of Jesus alone. I was to caught up in doctrines that I couldn’t see Jesus standing in front of me wanting to lead me. How sad is that? I was to caught up in “Playing Church” than “Being the Church.” 

A church is a building. If that building didn’t say the words “Church” on it- would it still be a church? Now days, probably not. Back in Paul’s time, yes. Why do we think that since “Church” is written on the side that we have to act fake. We have to dress nice. That we must put on our best behaviors? In reality Church should be the place that we act most like ourselves at. It’s the only place on earth that we should be able to go to and fall apart at. It should be a place that if we mess up, our fellow members will encourage us and treat us with respect. They will over look our failures and help us get through it… In Proverbs 20:9-it says,” Who can say,”I have made my heart clean. I am pure of sin.”?” – no one can. Only Jesus can cleanse us. But Why does the church feel like it’s a country club? Like we cleanse ourselves from sin. Think about it; We only take certain people. We gossip, put down , and make people feel like the devil. We have made church into a Worldly place. So worldly our classes have to have games and gizmos and gadgets in order to keep their attention. How sad. 

Why am I writing this? For a few reasons. 1. I was that person & struggle to not be that person. 2. Someone out there is feeling this and needs to know its ok. 3. And because there was a church in the Bible that went to worldly- Jesus despite it. (You can read about that in the New Testament) 

I remember growing up in church. I was attending church before I was even born. I got saved at 9 years old and although I had ask Jesus to be my savior, I still had a long road ahead of me. You see at 9 I didn’t understand the Lord of your life part. He might had saved my soul from Hell, but did I really give my life to him? 

I never was a rebellious child. I often was called “goodie two shoes”, but I was never trying to be. Yes I was made fun of, emotionally hurt, and I was trying hid it physically. No one knew what storm I was hiding. I remember struggling with my self Image in High school. Everyone was tiny, and here I was- taller than most of the students and I wasn’t as skinny, my face wasn’t as clear, and although I floated from group to group I didn’t have as many friends as one thought. I tried every diet out there. And let me say this to anyone going through this, it’s not worth it.in Proverbs 20:12- it says, ” the hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both.” I can quote more verses like this. He made each part of us, and knows everything about us, but yet we feel defined by what society tells us. When we should be worried about what God tells us. You are not defined by your height. You are not defined by your weight. You are not defined by your hair color, your shoe size, your ability in sports or extracurricular activities. In Proverbs19:8, it says-“He who gets wisdom loves his own soul. He who keeps understanding will find good.” I didn’t know that then. I didn’t love myself. This isn’t a arrogant love, it’s not conceded, but it’s more of a respect that I didn’t know. You see- Flaws and all, Jesus loves me. He loved me through it all. And I am not defined by anything the media says or what others think. I wished I seen that sooner…. Like they say hindsight is 20/20, and it’s true. I started cutting down on my food intake and exercised more. Then one day I thought “who needs food”, so I cut it down even more. My exercising started to become more and more, and I ate less and less. I hid it well. I ate in front of certain people and when I had no one around I would skip meals. Your body isn’t made for this. It hurts you more than you know. Slowly I got out of this slowly…turtle speed…but even then I didn’t realize that God was standing in front of me begging me to let him help. 

I went to church , heard a preach, home again – and repeat. 

It wasn’t until college I realized God is who I needed. A girl who had been in church 18-19 years at the time , just realized she needed God? But I was saved at 9? As confused as you can imagine I was, I started searching for answers. I got so mad I stopped searching and started skipping church. 

After a semester of this, I knew I had to do something. I began to cling to my Bible more, reading, praying. Then one night, at a BCM Revival , the preacher asked if anyone was struggling with their faith. As much as I hated admitting it, I looked up to pay more attention. He told me how Some of us may have asked God to save us, but never gave our lives to him. My heart dropped. I knew just what he was saying. It was me he was talking to. He told us we could mark it in stone that we was saved and give our lives to God and then the devil couldn’t try to tell us we wasn’t. 

From the second role on the left side of the room this girl got up. Tears in my eyes I laid my life in Gods hands. I remember the feeling of peace finally rush over me. It’s what God wanted to give to me for so long. I was fighting him, I gave up. – now I would love to say after this my life was easy and breezy no more doubts nothing, but I can’t. I still struggled , but it wasn’t with the devil. It was a new struggle within myself.

 I was never taught how to worship God. As long as I could remember, you sat, listened, silence was prayer, and you left. I attended two church’s Wednesday nights in college,  both challenged me to find out how to worship. David raised his hand, some sobbed, other prophets like Elijah had to be still and listen . No one was the same… In Curiosity, I prayed- “God why can’t I praise you like the others? Why do I hold back?” 

Well if you ask God a question- he will answer…. He told me, “Because you won’t allow me to fill you.” In shock, I began to cry. It was true. I trusted God with certain parts of my life, but I wouldn’t let him show me how to worship…. I then slowly….turtle speed again….I slowly let him… Then I stopped. 

I was embarrassed, I felt odd. This was going against everything I was taught. Then over time, I heard God say, “Your not worshipping mankind. You should care what I think of you.” 

After 23 almost 24 years of searching, I finally understand some what. It doesn’t matter what we wear. It doesn’t matter our size, hair color, weight…God made and loves us with flaws and all… He died for me, when I didn’t even know him. He knew me. He didn’t have to, but he loved me. He watched me struggle with weight issues, negativity, bullies. He wanted to hold me, fix my hurts, and show me he cared, but I never seen him. It was if I was a child who had ran away from home. Ashamed and feeling horrible for thinking she was a burden to the ones whom she loved. God never left me. He loved me still. As I crawled back to him broken, scarred up, abused emotionally, dirty from head to toe. He ran to me just as if I was the, Prodigal son in the parable he told. 

I now see what he is trying to say. We raise our hands etc at ball games, concerts, etc. So why couldn’t we raise our hands to God in praise? Why can’t we pray aloud when we feel like we need to? In the end of all of this I’ve learned that you do what God leads you to do. My worship maybe different than yours. God may want you to cry more, I may sing more, who knows. 

When we get to heaven we may find out we are arguing over nothing, but until then I’m going to stand on the doctrine of Christ-Not a man written doctrine. I am a Christian. I may attend a church that worships similar to me-but I will not be defined by my doctrine. When people look at me I want them to see a Christian who is trying to do the best for Christ. Not a person who says they attended a Church Sunday . 

If this is like you, please search and ask God the questions I did. I fail everyday at trusting him fully, but I know he never fails me. Proverbs 18:24, says”A man who has friends must be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a Brother.” That friend is Jesus and he will show you the answers, but you must be patience with him. This isn’t a story that is to make you leave your church – but to let you know that everyone has to search for their own way. Don’t feel ashamed of your relationship with God. It’s so precious. I have to remember that I am loved by him and it doesn’t matter if my husband hate my hair cut, God still loves me. I pray that in some way my small testimony helped you. Find a church that you feel comfortable in and that you know you can praise Jesus in. One day we won’t get to go to church so freely. What will you do then? Well I’m still going to stand on my faith with Christ. I hope you do to. 


Am I broken? 


Have you ever felt like you can’t get ahead in life? At times your struggling to stay afloat? You may ask God why he put you here or cry out for help… Have you stopped to think that maybe we put ourselves in that position? Although it’s true, we don’t like to admit it. Our negative thoughts and things creep in our life’s , like a cat sneaking up on its prey. We think we have out ran it, fought it and won, or even don’t have a problem at all. In the end we have a bigger mess than we started with. All because of our thoughts?   -Yes. 

In Proverbs 17:22 it says, ” A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. ”  Although it’s pretty much self explanatory… We still don’t live by it. When you get sick who do you go to? You would run to a doctor, not your local hardware store. And that doctor would give you medicine, not a bag of nails… And that’s what we are to doing wrong- we run to the wrong people or place. 

Our doctor is God. He knows everything we need, yet in order to get the medicine you have to tell the doctor your symptoms. Most of the time we think we have it covered. So we “self medicate” ourselves with random things such as, others opinions about us, what the media thinks we should do, what Bob down the street thinks is wrong, and so forth. Instead we start to get tired and weak. Our mouth began to dry out and it starts to seep into our spirit. We then start to doubt God’s power, church starts to feel like just a place you go, and the Bible? Well you can’t remember the last time you read it. Our spirit becomes broken. 

The verse tells us that it “dried the bones”. What does that mean? It’s trying to tell us that just like our bones can become brittle and break- so can our spirit. Have you even seen a small child with a cast on their arm? Their bones break easier because they are still growing. That’s how our spiritual bones are as well. God says a new Christian is like a baby . We have to learn to crawl before we can walk in the faith. And we have to learn to eat “real food” and so forth. There are so many of us today who need a spiritual cast, but ignores the pain that they are feeling. 

God can put a spiritual cast on your broken spirit and heal your dry and fragile bones, but again you have to go to the doctor. There’s no DIY trick for fixing a bone, and there isn’t one for spiritual healing either. There isn’t a small pill you can take or a quick fix. There’s only one doctor that can guarantee a 100% recovery, and that man is Jesus. 

You see that man, took the nails so you didn’t have to. That man, bleed and hung in agony on a cross so you didn’t have to. That man, could have called the whole thing off, but he loves you. That man, died that day so that one day- we wouldn’t have to. He’s the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and He lives forever more. 

So today I hope you don’t ignore your pain you feel. I pray you run to the only doctor that can heal you and get checked out. Do you really need a spiritual cast, instead of the band aid you’ve stuck on? Let God heal your spirit today. There’s no waiting rooms, no co-pays, and you don’t need an appointment. The doctor is ready to see you. 



I have a confession to make! Are you ready to hear it?! 

– I am not perfect. Nor am I spotless, but I know a man who is . And he will wash you whiter than snow. – 

That’s probably not the confession you thought you was going to get was it? You wanted some kind of juicy secret about my life. Well I’m sorry, but bad news does spread more than good news. Do you remember as a kid hearing, “Gossip spreads like wildfire?”. In all reality it really does. One neighbor will tell the other and that person tells. Then in the end none of its true because they add on their say in on it and its twisted. Why can’t we ever get good news to spread like wildfire? Why can we not get God to be the talk of the town? And why is it that the church is only a focal point of it’s going down hill or there’s turmoil involved? It’s because we are the church. We start these rumors or help spread them. And if we don’t stop them we keep them going. 

God says in Luke 14:34-35 , “Salt is good; but if The salt has lost its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land nor for the dunghill, but men throw it out. He who has ears let him hear, let him hear!”  Salt. It was a special ingredient back in those days and still is. Salt use to help keep meats good , season it , and give flavor. If your salt was bad it wouldn’t keep your meats fresh and there is no use for bad salt. So why does he compare Christians to salt? Because we are special. We are keeping the good news. We add flavor to a world that’s searching for flavor. Salt is important. And so are we, but if we aren’t doing our Jobs than we are as useless as bad salt. It was so bad that they would throw the bad salt in the roads. It was good for the crops or lands and it wasn’t even good enough for dunghills…. That’s low. He says let them hear let them hear. Why? Salt can’t hear. He was talking about us. We need to hear him and listen to him. We are salt that’s about to go bad. We need to let God use us and our talents. Why? Because salt on a self isn’t good for anything. 

God also compares us water or a drink in Revelation 3:15-16. “I know your works, that you were neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you were lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot. I will vomit you out of my mouth.”  Really?  God tells us it’s not good to be lukewarm, but that’s the comfort zone… Exactly why he hates it. It’s sad that God would rather us be cold than lukewarm. It’s sad that to many of us today are lukewarm. We need to be on fire for God! So one fire that we need a caution sign that’s says “Caution!!! On fire for God!! Caution!!! Hot!!” – like it says in the top of coffee cups… But instead some of us are cold. So cold we are frozen ice cubes singing, “Let it go, let it go, we are just to cold. We are fine, We are fine. God has us do to much you know. We like it here in the freezing cold. So please shut the door – and let it go.” .   But instead we are lukewarm. Like hot coco that’s been sitting in the counter that you said you would finish in a minute, but instead your minute never happened and its lukewarm. No one likes a lukewarm drink. That’s why God said he would vomit …. Now I don’t like vomit, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be vomitted out of Gods mouth. I don’t want to disappoint him… But we often do. 

We make excuses on why we are sitting doing nothing or why we are lukewarm about issues, but nothing in those two verses said anything about getting to plead our cases on the issues at hand to God. When we stand in front of him…. We won’t have words to say… There won’t be any , “But God I have three basketball games, four photoshoots, and I was babysitting ten kids all at the same time.. Then you wanted me to worship you , read my bible, and witness to that man down the road? Are you crazy? I just don’t think I have time. It’s just to much to handle.” Wow… I wonder if Jesus ever said that ? 

“Jesus: you know God I know I’m supposed to be here and die to save the people of the world but, I have a 5 o’clock carpentry meeting at the local hardware place and a fishing boat that needs waxed. I just don’t have time to die for them right now. It’s just to hard to do.  So can we reschedule.? ” 

Where would we be then? Jesus could have called ten thousand Angels to get him off that cross that  day when he died for us, and they wanted to. But he hung there…. Bleeding…. Begging for water… Working for his breath. Then he died… Why? Because We wasn’t worth enough to take his place, because We wasn’t spotless enough to go to heaven. Because his mercy needed to overcome us so God would look on us and see That we was holy. Because We was in sin and had no way out! Because he loved us so much…. That he volunteered as tribute. You see we watch movies such as the hunger games, when A teenage sister takes the place for her younger sister so she could live. But we had a man named Jesus, that came to this world and volunteered as tribute- to die for our sins so that we would not have to hang on that cross and take the punishment that we deserve. So why don’t we Acknowledge the fact that we owe it all to him.?!

I want to end  with this, “I would rather Live my life as if there was a God, and to die and find out that there wasn’t.  Then to live my life like there wasn’t a God, and die to find out that there was.”  

What are you struggling with today? Take it to the only one who can fix it and let go of it today. I pray for each one of you reading this and that God keeps his hand upon you. We need to wake up and turn to God. Praise him for Saving us and live our life’s for him alone. May God bless you . 

What are you putting in? 


Have you ever heard the term, “Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit?” . Maybe you’ve heard this one- “You are what you eat.”  Have you given it any thought? As a child I remember thinking, “If the Holy Spirit is with me I better be good.”. As funny as that sounds it’s partially true. But I never believed the “You are what you eat.”- Until I got older lol. 

Think about it… God is everywhere. He’s in the fog that’s blanketing the ground. He’s in the mist of a raging storm. God is in the wind and in the sunshine. He’s always with us and watching over us, protecting us, loving us, blessing us. But have you been sitting in your house thinking your alone. No one sees you… It’s what we do in private that can make or break us as Christians. 

In public it’s easier for us to be Christians. We have people watching us and counting on us, but when we are alone we are more likely to fall. The devil seeks us out then. He knows we are at out weakest. He try’s to get us to watch that show you know you shouldn’t . Or read that book that’s kinda bad. It’s kind of like our diet. We try to eat healthy but that brownie is there and it looks good and no one is home so who will know I ate it? It’s the same way in our Christian walk. 

So how do we fix it? Well it’s the same way you try to fix your diet. We have to work at it. We have to train ourselves to pray in those tough times . Just like how we have to say no to that brownie. It’s not easy, but we have the Holy Spirit with us. There is no need to feel defeated. We have the reigning champion on our side – Jesus. 

So next time your alone remember- your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. What we do alone starts to show eventually in our public lives. So train yourself to lean on God more. By the way, the devil set that brownie there to tempt you even in your diet. I know it’s not fair… 
Have a good day! Remember your already a winner! 


Life… Do you stand for it? 


I remember listening to the woman, ( in the picture above), speak for the first time when I was in seventh grade. She inspired me to research and stand up for life. I guess you can say she is part of the reason of why I am prolife. You see she lived through an abortion as a baby. She overcame so many struggles that doctors told her she would never overcome anything. But she did. God uses us. Not just when we are old. 

He used Timothy as a teenager to teach others . And he used this lady, Gianna Jessen, as a baby. Could she speak then? No. Could she write? No. But God used her. 

Can God use me and you? Yes. So do we have to be perfect? No. Don’t give up because you think your a total mess… God sees beauty in the chaos of ours that we call life. So hand over the wheel to God and stop giving up. 

We have a Father in heaven who loves us so much that He sent his son to died for us! Would you die for your friends ? Probably not. So this month is sanctity of life month. Do you stand against abortion? In Jeremiah it says that “Gods knows the plans for us sayth the Lord. Plans of good and not evil. ” What will you say when God asks you why you didn’t stand up for those who have no voice? What will you say when God asks you why you didn’t defend the weak? Maybe you to scared to hand over your own life to God and let him sue you? What ever it is I want to say that I tried to do what I can to info others about this, because I don’t believe it’s really over when the abortion is said and done. I don’t believe it’s over when a person says I’ll get saved tomorrow.. What if tomorrow never comes? What if you could have talked a young couple out of an abortion? 

There are so many couples who would love to take that child and raise it as their own because they can’t have their own child. 

What change are you trying to make? Let God use you. Let God show you his plans for you. Don’t give up, we won already.