Why do you write?

Here is why I write…. 
I write inspirational devotions, because I want to inspire. I am not the wisest in the land, I am not prefect, I am not the woman I need to be; but who is those things? God is. God is good, he is just, he is holy, he is love, & he is perfect. God didn’t have to forgive me and he still doesn’t have to forgive me time & time again; but he does… Why? Because he loves us….He loves you… That’s why I write this blog. That’s why when asked why I do what I do and say what I say; this is why… 

The other day Facebook asked me to describe myself & my blog…. I didn’t know how…. I didn’t have the words…  Then I found this saying, “Lord give me the words to express to others how beautiful your love for them is…” 

It summed up everything: this blog, our Christian walks, and God. It’s not because of me that I write; it’s because of him. It’s not because of my words that touch you; it’s because of him. I’m just a mere stepping stone on your path that helps you to get where you are going, or where he’s leading you… 

So I want to take the time to thank all of you for stopping in and reading these posts. Thank all of you who like and share the post to your friends. I write because God wants me to express his love for you. 

 I may not have many followers or likes; but in the end Jesus had 12 followers & Hitler had millions…. Who came out on top in the end? I encourage you to Be the 12 & express Gods love to others. 

Remember God loves you very much! And I appreciate you very much! 

❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼❤️- Marli 

He finds you…. 

He finds you even when your not looking for him…. 

A lesson that we all need to realize.

 Life is crazy. It’s hard. It’s upsetting. It’s stressful. It’s full of heartache. It’s full of tears. Life isn’t easy. 

We often forget how loved we are. We look for that love everywhere. We look for it first in our spouses. Then our friends, but always our family last. (Mainly because we know they love us, but we feel like there paid to say that. Lol) We look for love in strangers & things. We search because we need that reassurance that we are loved. Even when we know we are…. 

We never (most of the times) look for our love in God. And He’s the only one that loves us before we even came to Earth. But he does. He loves us….. 

That’s why there are so many songs about God’s love. Our first song we learn as children is “Jesus loves me.”. And how true that simple song is…but how easy it is to forget. 

I was having a bad day today. And it’s not often I write about them. It’s just typical life that happened. Typical husband vs wife. Typical “hurry up and be dressed already” speech that I’m sure every husband in the world has given every wife in the world. I’m sure Adam probably told Eve to hurry up and choose between the Fig leave or the Palm leave dress…. And even then she couldn’t decide. But bad days happen… Fights , silly fights happen… It’s part of this journey… And as a wife, (for almost a year lol), it gets tiring. 

The list of jobs to do…. Not at work, but just at home…. *Clean the kitchen *Wash the clothes & then put them up *Cook supper *Clean up supper *Make everyone feel at home *Take the dog out etc etc. Then you have your job list, (and for me I have two jobs. Teaching Assistant & Photographer).  You feel overwhelmed, over worked, ran down. Your the first up and last to bed. Your the one everyone depends on. Your the one everyone looks to for  advice. Even your own mother calls to rant because it’s life and even she has problems. And you are always feeling like you can’t ask for “help.”. It’s a dirty word. No one likes This word. It’s always followed by a question you hate as well, “Why can’t you do it.”….. 

“Why can’t we?”…. That the. Follows up with, “What’s wrong with me?”  & “Does anyone even notice what I do?”. … 

That’s when he finds you…. Even when your not looking for him. Even when your searching the world for what you think you need to make you feel “loved”… 

He finds you in songs, book, a person. In my case a movie. He uses words that are said to show you how loved you are….. To quote the movie “Mom’s night out” it says, “My momma would tell me every night the same thing. Jesus loves you. He loves you for just being you.” . 

And it’s true….

God. Never. Stops. Loving. Us….. 

So next time you feel alone in this world. Next time you feel underappericated. Over worked. Not loved… Remember even though it’s hard. God finds you. He never stops loving us…. 

So cry, yell, throw a fit…but then be still. That’s when Gods about to move and show you how loved you are….. 

And for young married couples. Those silly fights happen. Even when your not planning them, looking for them, wanting them to happen- they happen. But life keeps going. Don’t hold the anger in. Remember your blessed. In good times and bad. For better or for worse… It’s a promise you two took to always be there. So tell your husband (or wife if your reading this) that you love them…. Maybe that’s all they need to know is how much you care… 

Hope y’all enjoyed this & hope it helps! 



Be Alert! 

I’m been silent the passed couple of days, mainly because I didn’t know how I should say how I feel. You know when your  feelings won’t allow you to form a complete sentence that makes sense to the outside world….. This post maybe a little off track, it maybe all over the place,  or a little long, but I’m going to try and write this anyways. 

For the past week I’ve scrolled through social media. I’ve read the posts from friends and family about Jesus & how he’s coming again. No I don’t doubt that at all. I do believe soon and very soon we will all be going to see the king! But I’m concerned that some of us are only Christians on our Facebooks. I’m nervous about someone actually meeting us in person and saying, “They weren’t as prepared for their mission as much as they let on.”. 

The bible tells us in Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”- with that being said, why hasn’t it pierced some of our hearts ?  My heart is hurting right now… Why? Because I look around and see people saying they trust the Lord on Facebook and then living in the world like they don’t care if He comes back or not. Living in fear, depression, anxiety, struggling with addiction, secrets, and more. Living as if they have to carry everything upon their own shoulders when God said, “For MY yoke is easy and MY burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30). But instead of turning to the only one who can heal us, we run to the only one who kills us….. 

Don’t you understand that’s like going to a dentist about cancer and a cancer doctor about a tooth. No one in their right mind would do that! But we do it everyday. Running from Jesus, but turning into the sins of the world and allow the devil to feel us with unnecessary drama….. 

It pains me! And I hope you can feel it in these words…. God does not want us to live in fear of the world! He came and DIED, so we could live Victorious! But we live as if we just been shunned… 

When did it become ok for us to depend upon ourselves? No where is the bible does it says “after a certain point, you can roam freely about yourselves. Only coming to me in days of sickness. Your on your own after 30 days.”. NO WHERE in the Bible does it say that! It does say repeatedly “Come to me.”, “Abide with me.”, “Seek me.”. 

Today more than ever should we be seeking Gods face, myself included. We have so much terror happening all over this world and we sit in our homes day in and day out thinking we are safe! Thinking since I have the doors locked that We’re ok! Thinking that since I’m inside the enemy can’t get to me ! Since that’s happening over seas it can’t happen here, because we live in America were we are free! 


For the enemy is upon our door steps. He’s knocking . He’s forcing his way into our homes. He’s making us think we are safe but the bible states, (James 10:10), ” The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:”. Don’t you understand ? The enemy is NOT our friend… However we live like the enemy is.  Just because your door is locked doesn’t mean that the enemy won’t try to break in…. It just means they will go through a window. 

The second part of that verse in James 10:10 states this ,” I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”. Jesus came to give us life, but we run from that. Instead we trust in ourselves. Thinking that since we posted a verse on our Facebooks, we don’t need to read our bible. Since we told people we prayed for the police officers in Dallas that we don’t need to pray anymore this week. Or since we wrote on someone’s wall that its visiting with them….

What have we done?! Are we robots now? Don’t we have brains, feelings,legs to walk on, a voice to talked to others…. Don’t you see! Can’t you see what’s happening? The church doesn’t even come together anymore. We wonder why we don’t have anyone new . We worry about music and who is singing what. We are worrying about what brand of suit our preacher is wearing is he wears a suit. We sit in our pews gossiping about the ones who weren’t here last Sunday but are today.  We are more concerned about why we aren’t cutting the sermons shorter so we can go eat lunch. What is wrong with us?!

I wonder if he knew this day would come…. If he knew that his bride would slowly fade…. Just like life we get older, our beauty fade, our hair grays, I wonder if he knew about this day…. Instead of the church growing spiritually, we have Wethered away.  Needing spiritual water to bring us back to life, but instead we refused it. And we are drying up. I wonder if he crys if he’s ashamed of us now… I’m writing this and to tell you the truth I have had to stop many times to wipe tears off my face … Because I’m to blame in this too. 

When will enough be enough? When we finally wake up? Listen no president can fix this. This isn’t a race issue. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor. It has nothing to do with the Americans deficit. It isn’t how many murders have went on. It is however about Jesus… What will we do with him? 

Because there will be a day , with no more tears , no more pain, no more fears. There will be a day when the burdens of this place,Will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face,(Lyrics of “there will be a day”, by Jeremy Camp). 

But until that day, what will you do with him? It’s time to put our phones down, our Facebooks away. It’s time we opened out bibles and cried in repentance. It’s time we really pray. Not a simple prayer of “Thank you for everything- Amen”. I mean pray! Pray like your life depends on it. It’s time we get out of our church pews, and put on the amour of God and go win souls for God. I don’t think we will see a change until we actually decide to fight the devil. And yes I mean fight. There is a war raging in my soul and should be on everyone’s. The time is near. And I never thought I would be saying that at the age of 23. But I always have known in my heart that this day would come. 

I’ll share this and I’ll end. 

When I was younger, 10 or so, I remember a preacher at kids camp say, “Christianty can be wiped out in ONE generation.” . Pastor Johnny spoke on more about this subject, but his statement has stuck with me for years. God won’t allow his people to be completely wiped out. Look in the Old Testament look in the New. Notice when wars and tribulations were taken place and you thought all the Christians had died , there was Moses in a basket. There was Noah on an ark. There was Esther in hiding. Do you see my trend? God won’t allow his people to be wiped out, but it is up to us to keep Christianty going. Because if we don’t, it will be wiped out in one generation…. And then I pray God has an Esther in hiding. 

But what I’m saying is, as a 10 year old girl. I sat there soaking up God’s message. Not knowing that one day I would start a blog. Not knowing the events that would take place. Even then, I felt that this world would get bad. I remember praying “Lord will you take us before I reach 20?”. (Because when your 10, 20 seems old.) Now I’m 23, almost 24, and I asked God the similar question, but now with more understanding, more feeling, more concern. I ask “Lord how much more will you put up with?”. That what’s we all should be asking. How much longer? How much more? For now, my heart hurts for the pain in this world. For now I pray that I don’t turn into a robot . Be ready. Be ready. When the time comes, there won’t be time for you to change your mind. 

Be ready now. Don’t wait . Because the. It’s too late…



Take Cover! 

Waking up to the news today that many Dallas Police Officers had been gunned down and killed by snipers, I was in shock. Yesterday I had just been in a smaller version of Dallas, (Or to me it was). I then tried to place myself in their shoes….
Scared, frightened, adrenaline rush, responsibility that they felt that they had upon their shoulders, but last the yearning that they must have felt to stay in the fight to try and help the people there…. My heart goes out to y’all. 

Jesus told us in the bible that our walk with him would not be easy. Look at Paul. He was thrown in prison after prison. He was beaten, mocked, but yet he still spoke about the Lord. Why? For the same reason those police officers stood in the fight last night. It was his duty. 

We are in a war right now, wether or not you want to admit it or not. Look around you. Children having babies, but then killing them to cover up their mistakes-because their told it’s not a human and its perfectly ok. Strangers killing gays and lesbians because they disagree with their life styles. People walking to schools and businesses killing harmless people just because. Murder is everywhere folks. ISIS is real and there will be a time coming were we too as Christians will have to stand up on this fight or run for cover…. 

God tells us he will “never leave you nor forsake you.” There’s comfort in those words. But why would search a loving God allow this terror? Well he doesn’t allow it. He allows us to make our own decisions. He allows you to pick and choose if you want to follow him or follow the world. What your seeing is a bunch of folks that have decided to follow their own path . So where’s the good in life? You won’t find that here… We as Christians will find peace in Heaven. That’s where the good is. We will never see it right now. 

Keep your eyes upon Heaven, this Earth will fade away. Killings will continue to happen, murders will continue to get out of what they did, sin and the devil will rule the Earth. And don’t let the Devil fool you- he knows his time is running out. How you ask? Because that’s why he is trying to destroy so much right now. That’s why there are more and more killings. That’s why the church is less and less full. That’s why Christians are starting to slowly follow the world and get stuck in false teachings . WAKE UP!  Jesus will be coming soon. I use to never think I’d see that day, but the older I get the more I see what my elders before me have told me. I pray I am ready for what’s up ahead. Not by my will, but by his I will be. Cling to God especially in this day in age. Pray for our nation and those who have lost their loved ones. Because this year, it will be a year of changes. Big changes. How much longer will God allow this? It tells us not even Jesus or the Angels know that question… And I’m not here telling you it’s tomorrow, but you do need to be prepared. Prepare others ! Prepare your families! If it was a tornado you’d take shelter, this is the beginning of a religious tornado. Get ready to take shelter…. 
May God bless you… My prayers are with Dallas at this time…. I pray yours are to. 


Over dramatic? 

In today’s world we sometimes get “over dramatic” about some of the stupidest things. What if we started getting “over dramatic” about things that really matter? Maybe your thinking about all of your Facebook post right now, maybe a conversation you had with friends last night, or even something you blew up about to your spouse. Don’t fret, I’m not downing you. I just want you to stop and think about it for a moment. 

This week the Oklahoma City Thunder lost a player: Kevin Durant. He has made a personal choice to change teams. Now there are people burning his gear, ranting on Facebook about “how bad of a person he is”, and even boycotting the OKC Thunder; all because of one player… Now doesn’t this all seem a little “over dramatic”?  I admit, I’ve never be a sports fan; however I have family who is. I don’t understand why we as humans would want to talk so badly about a person that we only know from tv, little long burn their gear because of it. 

You maybe sitting there wondering, what does this have to do with God? It has everything to do with it. God tells us to “Love one another.”. Yes this applies to even people we don’t fully know. He’s a human being. He probably had reasons personally and emotionally on why he wanted to leave the OKC; but most of all its his own business. We should be supporting him, lifting him up in prayer for a safe season, and not allowing this to take over our conversations and life; But we cont do that. Choosing to gossip about KD is much more exciting than praying for him. 

God also called us to “Be about his business.”. As a child I often heard, WWJD; but in today’s world it seems like we idolize people such as KD and change the saying to , WWKD. God is a jealous God. He tells us and proves that to us in the Old Testament. Do you remember the story about the Golden Calf? Well in summary; Moses went up to the Mount to talk to God and he left AAron there wig the people. They were supposed to be praying, but they got impatient. They started melting down all their gold and forming a calf. When it was done, they bowed down to it, worshipping it. God was not happy with this. Moses had to talk with God for awhile, thus saying why we have the commandment  “Thy shall have NO other Gods before ME.”.  

The main part of that commandment was No, as in None or Zero. -Why am I being this up? For this reason, we get so tied up with basketball players, musicians, TV stars, Hollywood, etc. that our eye site gets blurred. We then become the “Over Dramatic Christian”, who worries so much about worldly things that they can’t even remember what the love of God is. That’s when it gets dangerous. Loosing your love for Jesus isn’t something we should take lightly, but we just shrug it off and keep on living our lives. But what if we became “over dramatic” for all the right reasons? 

What if we got “dramatic” about lost souls? So much so that every post was about how to come to Christ. What if we started caring more about “who switched basketball teams”, and worry more about,”Praying for back sliding Christians to turn their lives back to Chris”.  What if we treated church like we treated the basketball games, and actually GO, participate, and cheer for God! But what if we really wore our Christian TShirts like we wore OKC/ KD shirts and wear them with pride, use them to actually start a conversation, but most of all believe in what it said.

The problem with being “over dramatic Christian” would mean that you would have to actually have to stop, read your Bible, listen to God, and then turn from the world in order to see the Heavenly Kingdom. That’s why their isn’t any “good” “over dramatic Christian” today. We can’t get passed silly things like, “what team KD changed to”, we we should be worried about, “I wonder if my neighbor knows about Christ?”. When will we wake up? Stop fretting about stupid stuff. One day Jesus is coming back and this won’t matter. We should be worried if KD is going to go to Heaven, and care less about what team he is playing for on Earth. 

So I hope that you see the point in being “over dramatic”. It’s ok to be “dramatic”, if it’s used in the right way. Focus on God and less of sport players. As we already seen, they let you down. But with God- He will NEVER LEAVE YOU. He’s always there. Maybe you’ve been back slidding, running from God, or need to find him. Call out to Jesus. It’s not hard. He will listen, you just have to pick up the “prayer phone” and ask for his help. 
Thank you! Have a blessed day!