“Today we dedicate you…”

Today we dedicate you to the Lord. Today is a day I long & prayed for. Today is a day, as tears roll down my face, I am thankful to be standing here praising God for you . Today we dedicate you. A day I felt would never come. As we stand before our church family, vowing to pray for you, be there for you, hold you, love you, support you, and share Gods love with you.

As all the women before me, I stand here holding, clinging, to you. Today like Hannah, Sarah, & Elizabeth, we share you with God. Today we dedicate you back to God. To show how thankful we are to be your Mom & Dad. Although we have been through this process with your brother, it’s different process.

I knew this day would come, when God kept his promise. I told God I would do this as I wept for you each morning. I promised I would stand here, in front of this Congregation, vowing to do my best to be the best I can for you through God. So today We dedicate you…

This day to me is just as sweet as my wedding vows. Vowing to love through thick & thin. The same goes for you my dear, I will be your mom through it all- good & bad. Just like Mary dedicated Jesus back to his Heavenly Father, just like 2.5 years prior I sat in the front row of this Church weeping, holding on to the last few moments I had, dedicating your brother back to his Heavenly Father, today we dedicate you. Today is different because your here, cooing & looking around. Today we dedicate you and I too will cry again, because Gods promises are forever.

You are fearfully & wonderfully made- and I will remind you of that, all the days of you life. You are beautiful & special- and I promise to make sure you know that. You are a miracle sent from heaven, and I will proudly tell your story to you. You are a breath of fresh air, an answered prayer, a rainbow for me made by God alone, & I vow to let you know that…everyday of my life. As we dedicate you today.

Through teething, through walking, through teaching you all your milestones & more. I vow to be you mom through it all. Through scrapped knees, broken hearts, tears of laugher, & so much more. I vow to be your mom through it all. Through teenage years, colleges days, adulthood, until my dying days: I vow to be your mom through it all… through those last moments one day when I have to say goodbye… Just know I’d give you my last breath just to vow to be your mom.

So today we dedicate you; your Dad & I. In front of the church who carried us through our storm of life, who prayed for us, who prayed for you- long before we knew you-who holds us to our vows we are making in to the Lord today, as we dedicate you forever and always.

Today, Selah, we dedicate you. We love you so much, for now & forever.

(This is a special passage for myself. As many know we lost Rhett in 2017, and we dedicated him back unto the Lords arms where he remains until we see him one day. January 19,2020 we dedicate Selah. A promise we didn’t know when would ever come. So to dedicate her spiritual to the Lord is a special moment filled with love, grace, and tears.)

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Angel mom to Rhett

Rainbow mom to Selah

The Caregiver

Often times in we refer new Christians as “babies in Christ.” . All my life I’ve heard this. I just brushed it off and went about my life, but holding my little one this evening – something occurred to me. Babies have no sense of time. They have no idea of the things they will have to learn or one day have to do. They don’t really know pain, because of their innocences. They rely strictly on their caregiver. They don’t doubt their caregiver. They don’t question their caregiver, but trust solely in them….

Every Christian starts off this way. We are on fire for God. We read the Bible. We search him out. We cannot get enough of God. We cry out to him to just hold us for a rest. We cry out to him to rock us, feed us, love us… we trust in him solely without questioning. Then God teaches us to crawl. We laugh and smile. He teaches us to walk in his ways. To think and love like him. He trusts that we will not forget him. And like a baby does, we being to grow.

Then we walk. We start to run. We start to have adventures and see this world. We only call on our Caregiver when we are in a bind, hurt, or scared; and although he’s happy to hear from us- he Longs for the time when we had. I sense of time at all. When we cried out hold me. When we relied solely upon him and not our own understanding. He wants us to grow. He wants us to thrive, but just like any parent- it’s bittersweet.

In this world, we get so busy. We focus on the wrong things. We worry, we stress, we do not rest… our innocence is tainted. We forget what it feels like to be a baby in the arms of Christ. We forget what it feels like to solely rely on him as our caregiver … As children on Earth, one day we outgrow our parents Laps, but never their hearts. But for God: we never outgrow his lap. We never can get big enough to not need God solely. In fact, just like my child who cry’s when she wants to be held- God wants us to cry out to him: just to be held because he’s our caregiver…

Resolutions will start to fade in a few months. Goals we stated that we would do may never come. Getting our “priorities” straight may not happen. Our focus will slip again. We will stress out. We will have issues. And God wants to be there for all that too. But like a baby who cry’s just to be rocked. Who doesn’t have sense of time. Who just wants to be close because they love you and find comfort in you… Cry out to God just to be held just because. Run to the caregiver. Run to the lap you can never outgrow. Find peace within those arms today.

I pray that when ever needs rest finds it.. Gods time doesn’t match up with ours. Hold on tightly to him. And he will cling to you.

~ Marli

Angel mom to Rhett

Rainbow mom to Selah