Unqualified Lighthouse

“When the waves of life are
Upon us, let our lights shine bright through the storm.”

I was watching a sermon this week, and the pastor was preaching about Paul. Paul wrote most of the New Testament & we see Paul as this HUGE disciple that did many great things. Paul wrote letters to inspire church’s, but did you know that the people thought he wasn’t an amazing preacher? Did you know that Paul felt that he wasn’t as great as the preachers then? Did you know he felt unworthy & unqualified to be the lighthouse that he was and is today.

Paul said, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” However when we feel weak, we feel unqualified. We feel that we shouldn’t be doing what we feel called to. We feel that God made a mistake and that he chose the wrong person. But “WHAT IF” the pain you had to endure, the road you had to travel growing up, the mistake you chose, the thing you prayed God would take from you but didn’t – what if that is what makes you qualified to be the lighthouse in that harbor that you are Stationed in. God sees the finished product. He sees the people you can reach. He knows the things he wants you to do. God knows you are unqualified… but he didn’t call qualified people.

When God called Paul, he was Saul. He killed Christians. He was evil and mean and he didn’t really think Jesus was going to help him, but God changed him on that road. He was blinded. He was made to sit still and wait upon the Lord.

We all have been there. People who was a lighthouse in our lives didn’t just get where they are from just going to church. I know a lady I looked up to for years and knew God so well, did you know I didn’t truly know her full story? I didn’t know how she got stationed where she was. I didn’t know the pain she had to go through to become the lighthouse that years later shown on me. I didn’t know the life she had to live and how she had to get to Know God the way she did to get her calling.

We all have been called to be a lighthouse. We think of lighthouses to be super tall and strong and stands true in through the storms. Which is true, but some lighthouse are small and over looked. Some lighthouse have to have maintenance done on them before they shine their light like one before, some are be built and do not realize their calling yet.

I know I am an unqualified lighthouse. I am a lighthouse that had to be built through pain and tears. My bricks where laid through trails I did not want to go through. I prayed Like Jesus did in the garden “Take this from me”. I prayed that what I had to live through wouldn’t happen. I prayed for a miracle that didn’t happen the way I felt it should, but what I see now- 3 years later- is I was being built to be a lighthouse to shine upon people who have to go through loss…

Like Paul, I do not feel like I am called to be this lighthouse. Paul’s biggest weakness, made him a writer of books for the Bible. If he would have been a better speaker, would we be reading his letters today? Probably not… You see the things we have to endure is shaping us to be what we think is unqualified, but in someone’s world- our unqualified lighthouse is shining in their direction…

So today, I know that times are uncertain. It’s scary, it’s not what we imagined, things can be hard to come by, and we are summoned to our homes- but God still is calling and building lighthouses. Wether you feel qualified or not, we have a purpose. We have a calling wether we want to admit it or not. Our stories, our Endearments in this life, make us viable in the kingdom of God. And like Paul, if we will let our weakness be Gods strengths- the light we are suppose to shine will reach the people who needs it most.

As the church is not allowed to meet at the time being, let the unqualified lighthouse fix their lights upon the Lord and shine onto the people who need it today in this world. People are searching for this light, the question is- “Will you let you light shine? Or will you hide it under a bush?”.

Prayers for everyone in our world. Those fighting through sickness, trying to help the ill, those staying home, and those mourning. May God be with you all.

~Marli -Angel Mom to Rhett Alec -Rainbow Mom to Selah

In Sickness & In Health

So everyone in the world is fixated on the news and how the world is responding to this virus… As I was thinking about it tonight, and how tired I am of seeing it on every social media website, I thought about all the sickness that took place on the Bible… How did they manage without toilet paper and cleaning supplies? How did they get through the hysteria of who’s sick and is that person who just cough have the virus? How did they survive?

They just simply had faith… They didn’t have the news force feeding them lies and truths all in the same day. They didn’t have social media blowing it up into this crazy insane toilet paper fixation… They had faith. And the ones who didn’t have faith of their own, they still believed because of how strongly other Christians believed!

Back then they had some serious illnesses. Many that took lives and some that deformed them severely. They had plaques, fathoms, illnesses, and they all done this without a Walmart or hand sanitizers.

In 2 Kings 20 you read about Hezekiah who was so sick he was about to die in 3 days; or that’s how long their doctors gave I suppose. He cries out to God to heal him. God sends Isaiah to him. Then there’s the guy who couldn’t even walk. His friends knew Jesus was coming to town and could heal their friend. They crawled on the roof, cut out a hole, and placed their friend down in front of Jesus. Because of their faith – their friend was healed. (Luke 5:17-39) Then there was a lady, so sick all the doctors told her- “There’s no cure.” . She was sick for 12 years! She knew if she could just touch a string of Jesus clothes she would be healed. And she was. (Mark 5:21-34).

I could go on and on about stories of healing and sickness in the Bible, but what I want to stress is their FAITH. Yeah it may have been years ago, but these stories still stand today. God is bigger than all of those century year old illness, any viral virus that maybe floating around, or any shortage of supplies that you maybe trying to stock up on… All joking aside, God still protects. God still heals. God still is in CONTROL.

We are so scared that right now- I think-the devil himself is laughing at how easy it is that even the Christians are flipping out. We have NO faith anymore. We are like a hot pocket. We are hot on the edges, enough to fool most people; but inside we are cold/undone folks – shaking in our boots. We have forgotten how big our God is. We have forgotten who our God is. We have turned to the media for our news, facts, daily life stories, rituals, and spiritual needs. We want microwaveable miracles that doesn’t take much effort. We want millions of easy answered prayers. We want it now and if we don’t get it we will act like a two year old pitching a fit in the floor of a store , screaming because we cannot have that toy we think we need. Our faith is shaken. Our faith is unresponsive. Our faith is so weak that it cannot pick up two marshmallows on a toothpick without feeling like we will have our arms break off. It’s time we wake up, strength our faith, and tell that devil to hit the road because we KNOW who we are – We KNOW who we belong to – and we KNOW that We are the winners .

In sickness and in health our God vowed to be there for us, just like a groom says to a bride. That is why the church is called the bridegroom, but we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten Gods vows to us. And most of the Christians now days are standing in line filling for divorce because they claim to be “unhappy” – “ trapped” – and “unloved” by Christ. Well here’s a Newsflash: “God didn’t leave you. You left God.”

In this serious time of mass hysteria, I pray you do find comfort in the Lord. I pray that you see he is here. He will prevail, despite what the media may tell you. Illness have been around for many of years; and you may have stock piled toilet paper and hand sanitizer, that won’t save you from what’s to come. You better be reading your bible on your porcelain throne – because the KING himself is coming one day… & he doesn’t barter with germ – x …

Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Remember to wash your hands and say your prayers , because Jesus and germs are everywhere!


Angel Mom to Rhett Alec

Rainbow Mom to Selah