“Updates: Are you updated?”


“Updates: Are you updated?”

If you own an apple iPhone, you probably just updated it with the latest iPhone update iso 9. And as you sat there waiting for the apple loading sign to go away so you could get back to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; you probably didn’t stop think think about God. Well, I didn’t either at  first until it hit me. Our God is just like an apple update, social media, and more. How? Let me explain. He constantly post things about life. Every morning He paints a sky for us to see on His “Instagram”. Then he tweets about how beautiful it is through the birds in His “Twitter”. Then He puts signs up through the day for us to read on His “Facebook”, but sometimes we scroll past them. And even after all of his post day in and day out, his followers forget to update. Yes we need constant updates. Just like iPhones. Why? Well why does apple update their phones? Simply to make them faster, more technical, even cooler, and more smart. God is the same way. Like an apple update-we need a God update. We update by reading or listening to the Bible. Constantly trying to understanding what God wants from us that day. “Liking” his post that He gives us by Thanking him. “Recharging our batteries” through prayer and worship. And keeping us “Connection with others” through church. So I guess what I’m trying to say is- if your phone is updated more than your soul, what have you gained? A smarter phone than you? Or a closer relationship with God. Yes you have the choice to update your  phone or even yourself. But is your soul on Iso 4 and your phone Iso 9? If so you have a lot of updates ahead of you. Yes being patient while the updates are taking place is hard, but with God all things are possible. So get to updating people. In this day in age you can’t afford not to!


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“Updates: Are you updated?”

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