*Guard your heart. Are you protected?*


*Guard your heart. Are you protected?*

Marli Karr

Have you ever been watching tv or listing to the radio and heard a life insurance commercial. Or someone trying to sell you a new window etc? They always ask you, “what would you do if….” Or “Are your protected?”. In this day I. Age it’s the same way Spiritually As well, because the devil sneaks in our life’s without us knowing. He does this through our weekness; whatever those are. Some of those weekness we have is a stronghold that we don’t realize is running our lives. And God warned us about such things. He called them false gods; false gods is and item it thing that we idolize more than God himself. And In the Ten Commandments God tells us not to have ANY other gods before him. ANY… Back in those days they did have literal stone gods they worshipped. Today we do not always have these literal stone gods, but other forms of gods; such as but not limited too: phones, money, our boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses, jobs,cars, appearence, and so on. He warns us about this because God is our provider, our deliver, he is our rock in the storm. He can save us from sin, hear us, and care for us. These other “gods” break, die, don’t care about us, trouble us, cause friction, and  friction so on. He warns us these things. But how can we try to stay away from these things? Well, Got told us to “guard our hearts”. How? It’s easy. Read the bible, pray, listen to music that glorifies God. Put on your armor of God. (I’ll talk about that in a later post.) God wants to hear your prayers. He wants to know your thoughts. Why? He cares! He cared so much – he DIED for you. Yes, he knew you before you were ever thought of. Everyone is looking for a “hero”, but to be honest you hero should be God. Is it easy? No… But he wants to help you through it. So next time your looking around or people watching, stop to think about yourself for a moment. What is holding you back from a relationship with God? Is it your smart phone, tv, your job, money, etc? Only you know. I pray for you and hope this week is good for you. Remember guard your heart. Read and pray. I encourage you to learn verses. It is very important (I’ll explain more in another blog.) . Take care and God bless!


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