Why do we feel entitled to everything? Look around for a moment and think… You take a lot of items, choices, etc for granted – but yet you feel as you deserve that. In Isaiah 64:6, God tells us our “best works are as good as filthy rags.” And if he says that why do we still feel entitled to certain things? We are greedy these days. 

Now I know you probably think I’m going off the deep end because I’m saying this. And your probably thinking, “When have I been greedy, felt entitled to something, or even boosted about my good words?”  Well it happens even when your trying to fight against it. Greed can be anything. Most people thing of money, but it can be greedy with food, time, work, tv, anything. If you’d rather keep it then help someone for 5 minutes- are you greedy with your time? What if you feel entitled to every penny you own at home. Have you forgotten that God blessed you with such things? 

You see God is like a photographer. He takes all the photos from a shoot, ( life situation, event, etc ), and goes through them. Each photo at a time. Inspecting each smile, laugh, pose, to get the most prefect one. Taking it editing it – erasing each blemish, scar, unwanted fly away hair. Making you look you best. And gives it to you- hours , days, weeks, of work done so you could have the very best photos. Then you receive them…. And you get angry. Why? There the best! God hand picked each one for you, but yet you still seem entitled to them all… Greedy for more. But then more isn’t enough. And you basically tell God he made a mistake…. But God doesn’t make mistakes. We do. (Isaiah 64:8) 

Even with all that said we still feel like we should be entitled to our job, to our home, to even our spouse, but in reality God gave us these things . God wanted us to live in such A way that we would be blessed. He told us if we tell him the desires of our heart he will give them to us; and if that is true then why do we feel that we need more? When just a little is really enough. 

Do you remember the widow who gave all she had? All she had to give was to pennies and really those two pennies back then didn’t even equal a penny, but that’s all she had literally , physically , mentally ; that is all she had to give. And God said that that was the best offering that he received back from anyone that day. You can look up that verse, the verse of the cheerful giver, and we’re supposed to be like that. we need to give everything that we have not just Sunday’s, not just some money here when WE feel like that that person really needs it.  Because in reality what we own is God’s and we are desperately in need for what we have now. Because if he wanted to take it away, in one swipe of the hand everything we own could be gone. Do you really realize that? I know it seems crazy, but everything we own in this world can be taken away as fast as we’ve gotten it or even faster. Because God is almighty and he will do what he wants, and if we are in his will ; we shouldn’t want to be greedy,  we shouldn’t want to feel entitled to anything. But we should want to give our all to him. Because in the end will never be perfect , but with him we will always appear as if we are in his eyes. 

~ Marli 

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