Show kindness 


Have you noticed the news lately? There’s wars begin fought. Children starving and fighting to stay alive. Babies being killed because no one wants them. Animals get better treatment than humans now days and we all are poor in one way or another. Why is there so much heart ache in this day in age? Surely if we serve God he won’t allow this to happen right? Well as much as I would love to say that he gives a perfect life, I can’t. Yes God saves and makes my life pure, holy, clean for sin. But this doesn’t make my walk on earth easy. In reality it makes it harder, but I have peace that people who don’t serve him don’t have. 

You see your friend will stab you in the back. No matter how hard you try to avoid it. You animal will die. You will loose money. Your child will get sick. You will hit a mail box. Maybe even have to suffer with cancer. Why? Because it’s life… Life isn’t perfect no matter how hard we try to make it seem like it on FaceBook, Instagram,Twitter,or even to our friends and family. We are not perfect, but I serve a perfect God. 

God calls his children to live our lives for him. To love as he has loved us. “We love because he first loved us.” You see, the pain we witness, deal with, and cry about wont end on Earth. It will finally be over when we pass on to be with our Lord in Heaven. 

My God died for me to save me. He is my hero, my savior, my friend. Why, because he cares and understands even when my family, friends, or even my husband can not. And because of him, I can live a life for him. And one way is to show kindness in this world. 

This month is the month of thanksgiving. There will be children, friends, and people you don’t know searching for happiness. Show them love not pity. Maybe give them a bottle of water, a smile, handshake, talk to them, or even stop them from driving off because they left their coffee on top of their car. It doesn’t take a lot of money to show kindness… It just takes a second of your time. 

So go see your grandma. Go give the kid down the road a coat, because you outgrew yours and he needs one. Go give that man some water because you know he is thirsty. It’s the small things in the world that make the bad fade. So this month help someone. I know I’m trying to. So do you have a second to show kindness?

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