Church- What’s the point? 


Have you ever walked into church and didn’t want to be there? Maybe you was forced to go with your parents or friends but you didn’t even see the point. Maybe you felt like there was just a man on the stage before you preaching but you couldn’t hear his words. Believe it or not we all have been there at some point in time. We are human and we get restless, or tried of the same routine that we find church redundant. Well, I personally have felt this. When your going through it you question yourself and your morals. At times you question God asking, “What is your point? Why do you want me here I’m not getting anything.” This is where you have to stop and analyze your situation. You basically have to “Go under construction” for a moment and “reboot”. Then you can see the world a little clearer. You have to remember that God never leaves you, we leave him. How? Glad you asked. 

God is like your very best friend . You do everything together, walks, late night talks, lunch together, school, etc. your basically attached at the hip. Then you have other people trying to get you to come hang out with them. So you explain to God that your still friends and you’ll call tonight to talk, but you forget . Then you start putting all your engery into these new friends of yours  leaving God out of it all. Until you break down because those “new friends” leave you high and dry. Who’s the only friend you have left? God… But you haven’t talked in months, so you think he won’t want you back. But he does and he forgives you for leaving. You see God never changes. His love is always the same, it’s us who gets blown away . We walk away from God. We try “new” things that we think we “have to have” and forget about God. God always will take you back in, feed you, love you, hold you when your broken, and never leave.  So what I’m saying is, after you reestablish your relationship with God, you can move on to the next step. 

Praising God! There are many ways to praise God, through song, sign language, preaching, teaching, music, dance, etc. how ever you choose to praise him is your choice. You see in Psalms 122:1-9 it talks about the joy of going to church. Church is joyful ? Yes it can be! In verse 1 it says, ” I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of he Lord.” Our feet have been standing within your gates, Oh Jerusalem.”  They were glad to finally be able to go to church. And yes back then church was different than today’s, but they was standing at the door waiting to go in so they could praise God! How many times have you seen people standing at the door of a church itching to get in those doors so they can praise God? Not a lot. What if we as Christians were so on fire for God that we are up early and at the church before the doors was open ready to praise Jesus because we have a reason to praise him for! What if? I encourage you to read these short verses in your own time, but in verse 9 it says, ” I will now say,”peace be with you” because of the house of the Lord out God  I will seek you.” Now, maybe you say that makes no sense. That’s ok let me break it down. After they praised God they were about to leave. They were so filled with the spirt that they had peace in there lives. How many times have you had peace? Not many? Well they had so much peace that when the left the church- they were ready to seek him again. Seek him, search for him, find him. They wanted to be with God at all times. Not just for an hour. How many times have we watched our watches, counted ceiling tiles, maybe even looked down at our shoes praying the preacher would end church early? Probably too many, but we all have been there. 

Did you notice this passage nevers gives us a dress code or a denomination. God never turned anyone away for the way they were dressed or if they where assembly or baptist. He never turned anyone away if they were playing music or if they wasn’t. God never tells us we must be rich to praise him or poor. He never tells us that we have to be dressed in high class cloths or in rags. He just simply takes you as you are. Because in the end we all look the same on the inside. Our sin makes our hearts the same color, but only God can wash you whiter than snow. Can you imagine? Snow already is so pure and perfect . 

My papa use to sing and old hynn that said, “Just I am without one plea. But that thy blood was shed for me. And thou bidd’est me to come to thee, Oh Lamb of God I come I come.”  It means without any excuse, you died on the cross for me. And you call me to be with you- So I’ll come I’ll come. So will you come? Will you be ready to praise him . I just showed you that your excuses are just excuses because the bible never tells you that you have to look a certain way to come to church. And you don’t have to be rich. Maybe your scared to go alone. But God tells us that this is a narrow path, that only a few will choose. He died for you… Would you die for him? You might have to sometime soon. No one said this road is easy, but it is worth it. “For God said come to me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light” . I pray you will search your heart to find God. And I hope to see you or maybe even hear your attend a church. And you may have to try a few before you find the perfect one for you, but don’t give up. Be ready, for the time has come, where we need to praise God and be on alert. 

God bless you all! 


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