Questioning Life? 


Have you ever questioned life? Maybe you’ve questioned choices, or your worth, maybe even your outfit that day. Do you know that the birds never question their life? Do you know the grass never worry if they are going to get enough water or not. Why is this? You maybe thinking, “That would be so nice not to worry.”. If your questioning life what do you do? Is it wrong? I don’t believe it is… 

You see God knew we would question our lives. He knew we would worry. How? Well for one he’s God – how would he not know? On the other hand Jesus did live as man. Human. Flesh. He knows what it means to worry and fret. The bible tells us that stressing does not take or gives us an inch on out height. So in other words we don’t gain anything from stressing it just hurts us. 

When we question life we often feel as if we failed ourselves. Maybe we feel like a failure or even as if we are lost. This isn’t the end. We are going to have days like this. Days where we break down and just wonder what the meaning of life is. Maybe even what your worth is. Instead of running and hiding or even getting depressed, how about telling God how your feeling? Yes, it sounds crazy but it isn’t. God always wants us to tell him how our day is or how we are feeling just as one of our closest friends would. You don’t have to stop in the middle of the road and scream at him. You don’t have to hit your knees at work sobbing making a scene . You can just pray. Pray to him in your quiet, maybe in your car as your driving. Tell God you feel worthless, maybe your worried. It doesn’t matter just tell him. In the end all of our hope should be in him alone. But that’s where we mess up. We think we can handle everything on our own. We can’t. Some things are just to big for us to handle alone. God doesn’t mind helping you carry the load, but are we to prideful? 

When you get to prideful to ask for help, that is when you begin to question yourself more and more. Second guessing your choices , maybe even why you took on a job or decide to help someone because your time seems short. That’s when you need help. Call on the Lord. 

When I was little there was a song I learned from a VHS. It wasn’t a popular Christian tape, but it’s words still play in my head today. It’s a simple reminder that God cares. It goes like this: “Cast your burdens , on Jesus, for he cares, for you. Cast your burdens, on Jesus, for he cares for you. Higher higher, higher higher higher higher higher higher lift Jesus higher.(repeat 2xs).” 

So next time you feel down, or feeling lost , or worthless, remember where your hope is, and cast your burdens on Jesus. He does love you. More than you will ever know. 

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