Have our Cake & Eat it to! 

How many of us like cake? Just about everyone of us! Why do we like cake? Is it because it’s moist and sweet. Maybe it’s because of the icing all whipped and fluffy. Maybe your a buttercream kinda of person. However you eat your cake, your enjoy it. How often do you eat cake? Is it for parties? Maybe once in a blue moon when you feel like baking? Don’t forget the weddings! Cake is most of the time just for special occasions. Sometimes we treat our Christian walk like cake…. How?! Glad you asked…

Have you even sat alone in your home and a thought pops up in your head, “Maybe I should read my Bible.”. Then five seconds later your watching Reba… If your sick, wanting something, a family member is dying, or you have a final coming up- you all of sudden have time to pray and read your bible. Now I’m not trying to step on your toes, I’m preaching to myself as well.

You see I drive three days a week, two hours, (up hills both ways-in the pour rain sleet and snow), to OSUIT so I can finish college. My day starts at 4:25a.m. by getting my wonderful husband out the door with his lunch by 4:45 a.m.. I then proceed to get dressed and leave by 5:20 a.m. to start my two hour drive. Sounds wonderful huh? Surprisingly it has been. Call me nuts but this drive has made me rely on God.

This morning as I was driving I got to witness two bucks locking horns fighting in the side of the road. (Which by the way isn’t normal.) As I was driving fog arose over the hills and the tree tops. When the sun hit the clouds just right it seemed as heaven would bust open and angels would appear. The frost made everything sparkle as if God dusted glitter everywhere. Then I heard him speak to me in a still small voice, “I made this for you to enjoy.”.

You see this drive has made me slow down. It has forced me to look at God’s creation. I’ve seen sunrises so beautiful, I literally wanted to pull over and take it in. Clouds turn pink, light flashing so beautifully that you just say, “Wow.”. You can not tell me that this all happened from a bang. Everything is so precisely formed. It’s jaw dropping, but do we have time to stop and look at it?

It wasn’t until this drive that God made me realize something, that I need him… There had been many mornings where I have been tired and I had to say, “Lord I need you to drive for me.”. He did. There had been times I said, “Lord I’m running late. Please don’t let me be late.”. I got there five minutes before class. And it’s because of this drive that I started this blog.

God has forced me to look at him. And I needed this, but how many times has he tried to force me and I’ve turned away? I’m literally ashamed to tell you that I know I have turned away and told him, “I got this.”. When in reality I didn’t.

Sunday at church we read a verse from Acts 20: 35. Many of you know it as, “the giving verse.”. Which it does tells us it is better to give than to receive. As I was driving today that verse hit me… If the Christians of today are suppose to give, why do we feel entitled take from people? Christians taking? How rude? Well yes, but have you noticed the news? There was a proclamed Christian man who decided to shoot and kill a few people at a planned parenthood because he disagreed with abortion…. The bible never, NEVER, tells us to kill anyone because we disagree… God tells us the opposite. “Love thy neighbor.” -Which is the golden rule. “There is no greater love than to lay down his life for a friend.” – Not kill them because I don’t like what your doing.

Now I don’t agree with abortion, I am pro-life, but that doesn’t mean I am going to kill you! No! There are other ways to show kindness even in situations where you disagree. The bible even tells us in Luke 6: 37-42, about judging. To sum it up God tells them: “Why do you look at the speck in your friends eye and ignore the log in your own eye?”

That really hit me hard today as I was driving. We all have judged someone for something that we have know idea on why or what their life consists of. I know there has been times in Walmart where I looked over to see someone who looks like they should have know better, but I shouldn’t have judged them even silently. Who am I to say that I am better? I may be in their same shoes tomorrow and someone would be judging me…

It’s really hit me hard lately about using God. We go to him like we go to cake… Only when we need him. You know I asked God , “Why don’t you answer more of my prayers?” He replied, “Why don’t you prove that you really want that?” . And it’s true… How many times have we asked God for something, but we don’t try to talk to him more or read or bible to understand why . Maybe even ask him if we really need those shoes we are asking him for. Prove it…

Parents ask us to prove it. Why can’t God say that? Have you ever wanted a dog as a kid? You beg your dad and mom for it. You tell them you’ll feed it and love it and name it George. Then you finally prove yourself and two weeks into it your mom and dad are doing everything you told them you would do? God does that too… Have you prayed, “Lord I promise if you help me I’ll read and study more and ask that man down the road to church and I’ll be more faithful…” So he answered your prayer and the man down the street still hasn’t been asked to church …

This is weighing heavily on me because it’s almost Christmas. The season of giving, but we will be videoing Christmas on our phones Instagraming it, faceboke-Ing it , and tweeting it so much that will will forget to live it. We will forget Jesus’s Birthday because Facebook didn’t remind us … We will let people slip away through our fingers who need a simple dollar Christmas card because they need to know someone sees them and cares! I refuse to let those that God has laid in my heart to give a simple card to go unnoticed. There people I don’t really know, some I just meet at Taco Bell, but they need to know.

Why am I saying this today? Why does it feel like I’m preaching today? It’s because God is telling me that others out there feel like this and need to know. You see God uses songs to get through to me , and he used this new one by “Downhere” called “How many kings?”. I’ll post the lyrics on here and encourage you to look it up and listen to it, but it’s a Christmas song. It asks how many kings would have left their kingdoms for you or me just because they “loved” us? The answer is 1… Literally because of John 3:16… He literally loves us… Don’t forget to share that love this season… Be the giver to the ones unseen.

~ Marli
Artist: DownHere Song: How many kings

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