Faith. Do we have it? 


Have you ever prayed for faith? God tells us that if we have enough faith to equal a mustard seed that we could move a mountain. Not a muscle not a car, but a mountain. Mount Rushmore- you could move it. Pikes Peak- you could move it… But why don’t we have that kind of faith? 
This morning I asked that question. I said I want to have faith of that amount. I want to move a mountain… So I asked why cant I have that much faith? I’ve seen a mustard seed, why can’t I have that amount of faith…. I got one answer …. Doubt… As I sat there jaw dropped to the floor, one word brought my whole agurument down- doubt. 

We give God certain parts of ourselves to “handle” and “lead”, but then we hide away the ones we want to “fix” or “worry about”. God said, “That is why you don’t have that kind of faith.”. 

What doubt are carrying? God told us to cast everything- doubt , fear, worry, stress, and so on, onto him. For his yoke is easy and his burden is light…. Why don’t we? “For he knows the plans he has made for us sayth the Lord.” Why do we trust those plans? One word: Doubt… 

Maybe your like me today and you just realized in order to have that small mustard seed of faith, you have to cast EVERY DOUBT out and TRUST EVERYTHING  you have in him… It’s not easy, but the peace you receive is worth every stress you ever carried. Have you unloaded your burden? Will you cast away doubt? If you truly want the faith you prayed for, you must first cast out your doubts… 

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