Rather not Speak?! 


Have you ever felt like you needed to run away and hide? Maybe you had been so embarrassed that you wanted to live under a rock. Have you ever wanted to run away from God and forget what he asked you to do? If you’ve answered yes, your not alone. We all have been embarrassed or wanted to hide so we wouldn’t have to do what God has asked. Jonah did. He ran and got swallowed by a whale, but he ran. Moses questioned God on his ways.
 You see not everyone is prefect, but what happens when we slowly fade away from God? Well in Psalms 137, some feared they would slowly forget God. They had been caught and taken away from everything that they knew. Some mocked then saying, “Sing us a song.”.  

The verse in Psalms 137:4-6 asks God, “How can we sing the Lords song in a foreign land?”.  Many may think, “That’s easy do it quietly”, or , “Just sing.”. At those times they maybe beaten or killed for their faith. This is why they were asking God for help… It goes on in verse 5&6 with, ” If I forget you let my right hand forget it’s skill! If I do not remember you, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth.” Why would anyone say that? They literally were so scared to loose God that they would rather not be able to speak. They literally would rather loose their ability to work in their trade than to lose God… 

Have you ever felt that way? I don’t think I’ve ever prayed to not talk or to loose all ability in my hands, but they longed for God so much that this wasn’t even a big deal. They did not want to loose their best friend. 

Wow… Just take a minute to take this in. God was so big and powerful, but so kind and mercyful that he is their friend… Is he ours? 

We go to God to “fix us”, or to “give us blessing “, but is he more than that to you?  God isn’t our magic genie that grants all of our wishes. He isn’t a magical doctor who cures all illnesses . God is God. He wants us to be his children. In reality he’s our father. Yes our father and we are his children. 

I know I’m a daddy’s girl and I like to be around my Dad and listen to him talk. I still look up to my Dad in many ways. I call him when I have a flat or I call him to ask how to do something that I know he has the understanding on how to do. I believe in him, I trust him. But our Heavenly Father ,God, knows even more than my Dad. 

Why don’t we long for him more? Because we think we can handle things on our own. We literally live in an age of “Google it.”. You can find anything at anytime on any app. It’s the “Do it yourself era”. It’s the “Selfie” era. It’s the “we must have it done now ” era… How many times have you asked God to give you something, but he didn’t deliver your blessing  3 days or less and you prayed for the faster delivery “postage”.  God doesn’t work like that. He knows your needs from your wants. I can pray all day for a new car, doesn’t mean I’ll get one. 

What’s wrong with waiting the extra 4 days for a blessing? What if you had to wait 4 years? What about 40 years? Would you still ask God for it? 

We see God as a “wishing well”. So we throw up our prayers so fast that we don’t really remember what we asked for, but we prayed so we are good…. Maybe we even threw in an extra dollar in the offering plate Sunday so we would get what we wanted faster…. This really bothers me… 

This bothers me because I’ve been the one who slowly slipped away and forgot about God, used him as a wishing well, and thought I could handle it all…but you see, I couldn’t and I can’t. And when God should have closed my mouth from speaking, he still kept blessing me… Why? Because as he states 25 times in Psalms 136 : “For his mercy endures forever.” And that right there is why he lets us run away. That’s why he lets us forget. That’s why he lets us throw up a prayer as if he’s an ATM machine.  Because He is mercyful towards us. 

I didn’t say he would let you do that forever. There comes a time where your blessings will fade and the world will fall on you, but who will be waiting to answer your call? God. Because he knew you would need him… 

Don’t treat God like your own magical magician. Get to know him. He wants to be your best friend. Then you to can understand why these people would have rather given up their skills and voices than to be away from him. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. May God bless you and your family this season. 


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