Hope? Where is it? 


Have you noticed how much evil is in the world? We seem to see it more and more. Shootings, stabbings, Christians killed for their faith. We sit in fear and watch. What can we do? 

For one we should not be anxious. God knows the plans for us. He created this world and its plan a very long time ago. We are scared of everything falling apart, but we personally know the architect that built everything…Even you. If you want to feel Secure you can read the end of the bible and know who wins. 

Secondly we can pray. Pray? What good is it to pray for something we don’t even know how to fight? There are many ways to. You see back in the ole days, Christians were facing the same problems, the same persecution, the same evil in the world as we are today. Many were taken captive and killed just as Christians over seas are today. Christianity has always been punished by death or inprisionmeant since the beginning of time. What makes us any different than the mortars before us? Even Paul , a man who use to kill Christians and treat them in the worst way possible, became a Christian who then was thrown in jails , beaten, and killed. There is no place in the bible guaranteeing Christians that they would not be put to death. It does however guarantee life. 

In Psalms 140-143, the writers are crying out to God. Why? They are trapped in an evil time. They are being killed, they are being captured, and many of them who have died are being scattered in the field to then be plowed to break up the soil for nutrients. If you read this you will see them all start off with “Deliver me.”, “Hear my cry.”, or “I cry out to you.”. You can tell they are desperate in their plea. They start off angry and upset. They tell God of how mean these people are to them. Then the go on to ask God to cover the evil ones lips. As I read this I stopped to ask- “Why are they telling you (God) what to do?”. They wasn’t. They were trusting God fully, that they literally was telling every emotion that the felt in their heart. We are told to do so, but we don’t. We always seem to hold back. They go on and on in each chapter begging God to deliver them, but what they receive at the end of every chapter is peace. Such a peace you can feel it. Knowing that God is their refugee and strength. 

I found in Psalms 142: 4- “There is no one to acknowledge me; refuge has failed me; no one cares about my soul.”  How many times a day do you feel like this verse? Probably more times then we should, but this was written by someone who was in captivity. Today we are faced with issues that as Christians make us feel as if we are in captivity. We are being sued for not agreeing to Gay marriage. We are called small minded for believing there is only one way to heaven. We are called out for prayers for and sporting events. We are made fun of when we ask if someone believes in Jesus.  Yet every company says they want Christian employees, because they work the best and get along with others, but you can’t talk about Jesus at all.  Have you noticed that the world is trying to show Christians as  “radicals” or “racist”. Sometimes we even get the word “brainwashed” thrown in the mixed. All this makes us feel captive. We are overwhelmed by this everyday. We should be crying out as the captives did. 

We may not have much time … Sad to say but it’s true. Yesterday a popular app dedicated a whole day to Muslims. They were trying to get their side of the story and show them as non-radical people. I’ve seen this app do the same for gay rights giving them a full week. They have done many newsfeed on Muslims and so forth. And it always ends the same way… Bashing Christians for their belief. I wonder why we are criticized so much when most of us are Quiet standoffish? Why does our religion or beliefs scare or offend so many ? Basically because God said his word would not return void. That the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword. With that being said, it opens the eyes of unbelievers and shows them what they should and shouldn’t do. And in this day in age, no one wants to be told what they can’t and can do. 

So when you feel overwhelmed by the media , friends, or the world. Remember to literally cry out to God. He is the only one who can give us hope in the world of evil. It’s not over, it’s just beginning. How will you stay strong in him? Pray, read your Bible, and know this: Psalms 139:17- “How precious also are your thoughts to me, Oh God! How great is the sun of them.” Your are always on his mind, you are loved, and precious to him-  even when this world is filled with negativity and evil. 

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