Beauty in the Pain 


Have you ever lost a loved one or a best friend. Maybe it ended in death, or just over time faded away. Maybe it was something as big and precious as a child. Maybe your lost is harder to explain or understand…. You feel alone. You feel abandoned, confused, hurt… Why would such a loving God do this to you, or I? In order to understand we must seek the one who made that decision for us. We must go straight to the source and ask why. We won’t find it through our parents, friends , or coworkers .
In Proverbs 2:1-5 it talks about how we must seek God for understanding… “Seek for her like silver. And search for her like hidden treasure.” Maybe your thinking this doesn’t make sense, but think about. Where is silver found at? Under ground in small pockets that you must dig and dig for miles under the ground. Where is hidden treasure usually found? Where the “x” is-Under ground or in the deep sea. Sometimes you won’t find silver or treasure for years and years. And so people will never find it, but we have a promise in the next verse- “You will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.”  
It starts off with “You WILL.” That’s a guarantee. No worries, it’s coming in your mail to you tomorrow guarantee. How many guarantees are you giving in life that stays true? Not very many… When you seek God he gives you knowledge of him. But what does this have to do with my loss? Everything! You see it’s times like losses or sickness that we cling to God more than we ever had. Sometimes he knows in order to teach you what you must know – you have to travel through the storm… Imagine Mary; mother of Jesus; riding on a donkey… Many of us see this story and think awe, she must have had it so easy. Really did she? At the very beginning he soon to be husband didn’t want her, people talked and gossiped about her, Jospeh could have killed and got away with it, she then had to travel by donkey being probably almost full term, and to top it off she had to travel on a donkey’s back when she was ready to have her baby, to give birth in a dark cave like barn. Sound pleasing to you? Didn’t think so. Her life took a turn, she was probably planning her wedding when the angel came to her or She was probably cleaning her room, then she was all of a sudden with child. How are you going to explain that and not be looked at funny? That’s why she seemed God first! He protected her from all the evil she had to face. It wasn’t easy. 
She gave birth to Jesus, having the knowledge God promised her, understanding he would die. I don’t think she fully understand yet, but as she raised him- she knew. “What does all of this have to do with me though”, you maybe asking. Everything, because if God can take a young woman like Mary and do the things he did for her, don’t you think he has time for you? He does. He wants to know your pain, for you to tell him it. Tell God you worries, how you really feel, about the pain. He wants you to cry out to him. To cry to him, he wants to hold you and give you peace . He choose you to bear the pain you are right now – to show the beauty of his work to the world. It says, “For He is the potter and I am only the clay.” That means he’s molding you and shaping you to be everything he knows you can be. 
Run to Jesus. Cry to Jesus. Go to Jesus. He never fails you. He never leaves you. He never talks bad about you or you Situations. He created you and your future. So in this pain I Challenge you to find the beauty in it. The beauty that God has hidden in it just for you to see. Will it make the pain go away faster? No, but it will make it bearable. “For God never gives you more than you can handle.” And you may think it’s bad timeing, but Gods time is different. It’s unconventional, it’s late, it’s not understandable, but it’s always on time. I mean he did raise a man from the dead after four days-why can’t he give you peace? 
If your searching for more check out Job or Sarah in the Bible. Job had it all and lost it all. Sarah prayed for a child forever, and at 90 received one. Remember God loves you! 

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