New Year Resolutions? 


 I bet your making a list of your “New years resolutions” right now, or your thinking of what they should be. “Work out more, save more money, keep the house cleaner, finish school…”- And you list just goes on and on. How many days do we keep these resolutions? Maybe 3days or a week? I don’t think I’ve  ever made it a whole month! Look at your list. Do you see anything that’s missing? Amongst all the “selfishness” on the list where’s God at. Did he make it into the “Top Ten?” I bet he’s not ever in the “Top Five”. 

There’s nothing wrong with making a list if your going to use it. It’s like making a grocery list, but leaving it at home. What’s the point of it? Ever year we make these resolutions to improve our lives, but we leave out the most important person who knows everything about our lives. Why is that? 

In Romans it talks about “How we all fall short of the glory of God.” It doesn’t matter if we wanted to be holy and write it on a list, it still wouldn’t help us because the Bible says, “Our best works are like filthy rags.” So why ever try, you might ask. The answer is “If you are saved and become a Christian you are sinless in Gods eyes. A perfect person. Will you fail-yes. Will you sin-yes. But God is there for you.” The best news is – ANYONE can become a Christian. At anytime and anyplace. 

Maybe you are a Christian and you saying ok this has nothing to do with me. Your wrong. Maybe you need to focus on God more and less on yourself. We all do it. We all think we can handle this- or this problem isn’t that large.  But in reality we can’t handle it, and we get overwhelmed. We should make God number one this year. Put others first and our selfs last. You may think I’m crazy but if you do this you’ll receive JOY. 

“What about everything else on my list?” Well if you place God first everything on your list will begin to fall into place. No you can’t pray to lost five pounds and sit on the couch all year and loss it, but you can ask for strength in your daily life. Maybe ask for God to leave you where he needs you to go. This will make your year better. 

You see in the first month of the new year we will fail ourselves, but if we give everything over to God he will help us reach out goals. Look at your list and rethink it. If you don’t attend church, add that to your list. Church is an amazing way to met up with others in the same boat that you are in. Together you can get through it. Read your bible, through reading you can get a better understanding of what God wants for you. Remember to pray daily for strength and thank God for everything good and bad. It will take effort and time, but in the long run- it’s worth it. 

What’s your New Years resolutions look like? Are you rewriting them now? 

Happy New Years! Be safe and God Bless! 


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