Life… Do you stand for it? 


I remember listening to the woman, ( in the picture above), speak for the first time when I was in seventh grade. She inspired me to research and stand up for life. I guess you can say she is part of the reason of why I am prolife. You see she lived through an abortion as a baby. She overcame so many struggles that doctors told her she would never overcome anything. But she did. God uses us. Not just when we are old. 

He used Timothy as a teenager to teach others . And he used this lady, Gianna Jessen, as a baby. Could she speak then? No. Could she write? No. But God used her. 

Can God use me and you? Yes. So do we have to be perfect? No. Don’t give up because you think your a total mess… God sees beauty in the chaos of ours that we call life. So hand over the wheel to God and stop giving up. 

We have a Father in heaven who loves us so much that He sent his son to died for us! Would you die for your friends ? Probably not. So this month is sanctity of life month. Do you stand against abortion? In Jeremiah it says that “Gods knows the plans for us sayth the Lord. Plans of good and not evil. ” What will you say when God asks you why you didn’t stand up for those who have no voice? What will you say when God asks you why you didn’t defend the weak? Maybe you to scared to hand over your own life to God and let him sue you? What ever it is I want to say that I tried to do what I can to info others about this, because I don’t believe it’s really over when the abortion is said and done. I don’t believe it’s over when a person says I’ll get saved tomorrow.. What if tomorrow never comes? What if you could have talked a young couple out of an abortion? 

There are so many couples who would love to take that child and raise it as their own because they can’t have their own child. 

What change are you trying to make? Let God use you. Let God show you his plans for you. Don’t give up, we won already. 

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