Am I broken? 


Have you ever felt like you can’t get ahead in life? At times your struggling to stay afloat? You may ask God why he put you here or cry out for help… Have you stopped to think that maybe we put ourselves in that position? Although it’s true, we don’t like to admit it. Our negative thoughts and things creep in our life’s , like a cat sneaking up on its prey. We think we have out ran it, fought it and won, or even don’t have a problem at all. In the end we have a bigger mess than we started with. All because of our thoughts?   -Yes. 

In Proverbs 17:22 it says, ” A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. ”  Although it’s pretty much self explanatory… We still don’t live by it. When you get sick who do you go to? You would run to a doctor, not your local hardware store. And that doctor would give you medicine, not a bag of nails… And that’s what we are to doing wrong- we run to the wrong people or place. 

Our doctor is God. He knows everything we need, yet in order to get the medicine you have to tell the doctor your symptoms. Most of the time we think we have it covered. So we “self medicate” ourselves with random things such as, others opinions about us, what the media thinks we should do, what Bob down the street thinks is wrong, and so forth. Instead we start to get tired and weak. Our mouth began to dry out and it starts to seep into our spirit. We then start to doubt God’s power, church starts to feel like just a place you go, and the Bible? Well you can’t remember the last time you read it. Our spirit becomes broken. 

The verse tells us that it “dried the bones”. What does that mean? It’s trying to tell us that just like our bones can become brittle and break- so can our spirit. Have you even seen a small child with a cast on their arm? Their bones break easier because they are still growing. That’s how our spiritual bones are as well. God says a new Christian is like a baby . We have to learn to crawl before we can walk in the faith. And we have to learn to eat “real food” and so forth. There are so many of us today who need a spiritual cast, but ignores the pain that they are feeling. 

God can put a spiritual cast on your broken spirit and heal your dry and fragile bones, but again you have to go to the doctor. There’s no DIY trick for fixing a bone, and there isn’t one for spiritual healing either. There isn’t a small pill you can take or a quick fix. There’s only one doctor that can guarantee a 100% recovery, and that man is Jesus. 

You see that man, took the nails so you didn’t have to. That man, bleed and hung in agony on a cross so you didn’t have to. That man, could have called the whole thing off, but he loves you. That man, died that day so that one day- we wouldn’t have to. He’s the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and He lives forever more. 

So today I hope you don’t ignore your pain you feel. I pray you run to the only doctor that can heal you and get checked out. Do you really need a spiritual cast, instead of the band aid you’ve stuck on? Let God heal your spirit today. There’s no waiting rooms, no co-pays, and you don’t need an appointment. The doctor is ready to see you. 

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