Spiritual ADHD 



This morning I got in a hurry and didn’t stop to read my bible. Doesn’t sound like a crime, but I found myself on Facebook. Although social media isn’t always a bad thing, I found myself scrolling through status and photos of things I’ve already read. Why could I be in a hurry and still have time for Facebook but not my bible? I even have a bible app I could have been on and I wasn’t. In that insist I realized that I, in one of the smallest ways, placed these apps before God. I just heard this sermon. I know what God thinks of this. Why couldn’t I get it together? 
Maybe you’ve done this as well? Even though we are human and we mess up, it doesn’t give us the right to just ignore our duties as Christians. I had five minutes of Facebook time- when I could have used that for five minutes of bible reading or prayer. Just like you, I fail. I’m human. I make mistakes. I forget to stop and just say 3 words – “Thank You Jesus.”.  
You see some mornings I wake up in a rush, I forget where I’m going, or even wether or not I washed my good pants. God always will be there and I sometimes abuse that. How? Well by thinking, “Oh your always here. I’m five minutes I’ll sit down to pray, but let me do this….”. It’s like I have spiritual ADHD. 
God wants us to be like the friend you can’t live without. The one you call all the time. Send funny photos to. The friend that when you down you text because they always make you smile. Although God doesn’t have a phone number- we do get unlimited calls to him. He always answers and never posts those silly photos of you. He is a friend that loves at all times and he never leaves us stranded. God never cancels plans if something comes up. He always listens. So why don’t we call him? 
Maybe it’s because we feel overwhelmed by our sin or our guilt that he won’t accept us. But listen- he loved you when you was at your worse. He loved you before you was even formed. It’s hard to think that even on my most messed up days- God loves me. That’s why in my moment of rushing- I felt guilty for not stopping to read my bible. Just like you feel guilty for not sending that quick text to a friend in need. It don’t take long- just like a pray isn’t hard to say…. 
So as we go on with our busy lives, remember that God is with you. Don’t forget to stop and thank him. Read your bible. Spend time with him. And even though we fail, remember he still loves us! Gods only a phone call away! He never sends you to voicemail. 

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