“It is done.” 

Why do we forget that we have a God who loves us even when we do not love ourselves? God doesn’t make trash and he’s never made a mistake. He created you in the image of him, but when we look in a mirror- we only see sin. Why is it that we cringe at our reflection, but God loves us as is. We run and hide because we don’t like what’s inside, but God sighs – because he hates seeing us in this bind. The devil is sneaky. Yes, he is sly. But God is love, and his mercies are not hidden in disguise. Look up, from the darkness that overwhelms your soul. You were created for more than to just cry alone. Lift your eyes into the one who gave his soul for you. His blood was pure and his love is to. Take his hand , and he will lift you up. He rebukes the devil, in the name of Father, Spirit and Son. For you are special. Don’t you understand? He gave up his crown, to live as man. Your worth more than the rubies and Diamonds combine. Even though you think your not worth a dime. Look in the mirror- what do you see? For God smiles, your perfect, even though you never think you’ll be. Trust in the Lord, for He is good. And maybe you will understand his unending grace, his unending love. So next time you feel like your ten feet deep, look up to the only one who’s watching out for you and me. Cry out his name, and he will come. He’s the only one who cares enough to “send his only son.”. Today you may be drowning, tomorrow made new. He never gives up on me- or you. What defines you? If someone asked… Would you Be able to tell the task. That you belong to Jesus, and you draw near to him. Or will shrug your shoulders , and feel you heart sink within. You are his, that’s why he died. It wasn’t for fun, wasn’t for pleasure- if so we should die. Look up to the one who is on his throne. Cast your cares upon him- let him say, “It is done!”.
– Marli Wright 

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