Spiritual Fitbit? 


With all the technology today fitbits have become popular. They are a bracelet that tracks your sleep patterns and miles walked each day. What if we had a spiritual Fitbit? What if it tracked how much you read your bible, prayed, or just talked to God through out the day… Would you reach your “set goal?”. 
I would hope that I would reached my goal but I probably wouldn’t. How many of us try to set down and read our bibles before we start our days? I do. Do I fail? Yes . Sometimes I sit down to read and I drift in and out of sleep because it’s 5 am. Other times I read it and I can’t remember the passage I read. I keep trying however. 

If we had a spiritual Fitbit, would we be more motivated to walk our Christian walk? Silly to think of I know, but some would be more motivated. One day this world will end. When? I don’t know. We may live to see 3012 or we may be gone tomorrow, but what ever happens I know where I’m going. I wonder though who’s coming with me. It’s hard to tell who my fellow Christians are sometimes. 

Today there are many people that say they are Christians. They say that they believe in this “religion”. I’m sorry to say that this “religion”, isn’t going to save you.

 You can say your a cat , meow like a cat, but does it make you a cat? Now days – its questionable. People truly think that they are a cat, but we know there not a cat. It’s the same way with Christians. You can say your a Christian. You can carry your bible & never open it. You can wear the cross necklaces and t shirts. You can attend Christian concerts and go on mission trips, but if you haven’t asked Jesus to save you; your not a Christian. Your just acting like you are.

And that’s just it. To many people today are just “acting” like Christians. They don’t believe that the bible is true. They don’t believe in praying, or anything that the bible tells us. They think it’s “out dated”.  If you don’t believe what the bible tells us is true, then how can you be a Christian? Even the devil himself knows that the bible is real. That’s why he try’s to distract us when we start to read it daily. That’s why he make us forget what we read or try’s to make us feel like we need to be doing the dishes. It says the demons tremble at the sounds  of the name of Jesus…. So if they believe- why don’t you? 

You see as a Christian we do have a spiritual Fitbit. We get it when we ask Jesus into our hearts. Our Fitbit has a name- the Holy Spirit. It helps us reach out spiritual goals day to day. It helps us to stay focus. Many times though we forget to “charge the battery”, so it doesn’t work at times. “Prayer” is our Fitbit “charger”. It helps us reboot so we can function throughout the week. “Church” is our gym. We get to meet people and work out in the spirit with them. We get to strengthen each other. We get to lift spiritual weights and meet with our “trainer” who is our pastor. How low is your battery? Are you completely dead, or are you on a Half a battery? Maybe your fully charged. Are you meeting your goals? How long has it been since you’ve been to the “gym?”. Maybe you need to meet with your “trainer”? 

As you go on throughout the week, I pray that you start checking your spiritual Fitbit. Because spiritual fitness is just as important as physical fitness. You can only get stronger if you work at it. Let’s be the best Christians  that we can be.  Let’s help out one another and get to walking our spiritual walk, one step at a time. 

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