Needing Renewed? 


I have found this verse, Isaiah 40:31, very calming & helpful thus far. I feel like someone out there needs this verse today as well.  

We all struggle with something in our life and we all have a fear or failing or not being able to live up to expectations in some way. But this verse is here to tell us that it’s going to be ok. Whatever your faced with, whatever your scared of, whatever your fears are, God will help you through them. 

It tells us that if we “hope”, or in some versions “wait”, upon the Lord he will Renew our strength. See he knew we would get tired. He knew we would run out of “go-go” juice. God knew that someday see would feel “overwhelmed”, “a failure”, “not good enough”, “not ready”; but he tells us we will be renewed. If he gives us strength; wouldn’t he also give us peace? 
We will, it doesn’t say “might” or “maybe”, it says we “will” soar on wings like Eagles. We “will” run and not grow weary. We “will” walk and not grow faint. That really means we will be kinda like the energizer bunny- we will just keep going & going & going….. 
Whatever your facing today, know that God loves you so much that he promised never to leave us nor forsake us. He promised not to give to more than you could bare- which at times seems impossible to understand. He has plans for each and everyone. They are plans of good & not evil. 
So even if it’s rainy outside, even if your going through a hard time dealing with anything, God is there. Yes he does hear you. 

Maybe your asking, “But why isn’t he speaking or replying back to me”?. Remember this; “The teacher is always quiet while give a test.”…. 
Hope you found this helpful….
Have a good day! 

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