At the cross; At the cross. 


Have you ever sang this old hymn? Maybe your grandma or grandpa, mother or father, aunt or uncle, or someone close to you sang it to you as a child. But have we stopped to really think about what actually happened “At the Cross?”.  

If you don’t know this hymn it goes like this: “At the cross, At the cross; where I first saw the light; And the burden of my heart rolled away. It was there by faith, I received my sight; and now I am happy all the day.” . 

There are many versions of this song today. There is a song by Chris Tomlin- who sings the blood ran red, which has some of these lyrics in it. And Hillsong actually sings one called at the cross. But I’m not here to give you a list of Easter songs to listen to. I’m here to ask have you stopped to think about what happened that day at the cross? 

We often times, as Christians or non Christians, get wrapped up in Easter. The bunnies & the eggs. We do talk about Jesus and how the tomb was empty! But what about before? What about the blood that was shed. What about his sweat turning into blood the night before. What about how they tortued him? Do we stop and really understand what happened? 

We say these words so confidently- “Jesus died on the Cross.” . Did you not just hear yourself? HE DIED! ON A CROSS!…. If someone called you up right now saying “Hey so and so just died..” . How would you react? Tears would fall. There would be sobbing. There would be denial. When it comes to Jesus we say, oh ya he died…. Where’s are tears? Where is our sobs?

We was on trail that day… We deserved that cross. We deserved the death penalty – that he graciously took that day. Until we realize that he literally died to save our lives; will we ever get it? 

I read this morning in a devotional, that said, “At times, we are in circumstances that are personally crucifying.”. How true is that? That is what got my wheels spinning this morning. There are times we take it upon or selfs to finish or start things that Jesus wants to help us with- but we think we “have it”. It cripples us. It makes us go into debt. It hurts us spiritually and emotionally. We “kill” or “crucified” ourselves. 

Wake up. And listen. There was a man named Jesus. He literally loved us so much that he proposed on a cross. He showed his love for us by dying. He bled. He bled blood just like you or me. His heart stopped beating. Do you feel your heart beat right now? He felt his stop. His lungs literally begged for air. He struggled in  agony for each breath. Why? So we could breathe easy….. If you want to know how the pain felt, allow someone to break you legs, then throw you to the floor, allow them to kick you around, tie your arms out to your sides, and then cut open your side. And that still wouldn’t equal half the pain that Jesus took that day. 

We all know the Easter story. We all know that Jesus over came death. That he arose in that 3rd day . He conquered death and gave us victory. That’s why we can be saved. That’s why we are spotless and white as snow. That’s how God can look upon us and see not our sin, but glory & perfection. For us to get that though, blood was shed. Prefect, precious, blood of our Jesus was shed upon that cross. Why? Because I sent him there. Because my sin, sent him there. You see I was supposed to die that day, and he said “No. I love you too much for you to die.” . He took my place . That’s why I said he proposed on a tree instead of one knee. Because of his love that day, I can love others . Because of his love that day, I can be free. Because of his love that day, I am spotless…. 

Don’t take this Easter for granted. When they talk about his death, remember that his blood did fall. His life , left him. He died. This isn’t a fairytale. The hero of this story have his life for the ones he loved.  Would you take a moment to think of it? Tears my fall if truly stop and thinking how he died. 

So if the old hynn was changed ; I think I would change it to this, “At the cross.At the cross, where I finally Saw the light. And the burden of my heart fell hard. It was there by faith, I realized my fate. And now I rejoice in him all day long.” .  Because although I’m thankful for what he did for me, I will praise his name. That’s the only thing I can do. You see if we don’t praise him for this, the rocks will. I don’t want a tiny rock taking my place. He died for me. He saved me . But he also died for you. Have you let him save you ? This is why I’m saying- “Come on theres room here at the cross.”.  Don’t let this Easter be another Easter. I pray you understand fully what happened that day. But even more so that you can be saved . 
If you want more info on how to be saved, contact me. I don’t mind explaining and helping you through the plan of salvation. If you have comments or questions; please contact me as well. I’m not a fancy writer, but I’m just writing what I feel God has me to write. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Easter. May God bless you and yours! Thanks. 


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