Battle of the past 


While waiting on my food to cook , I said down by couple from church, and we got to talking. As we were talking we brought up the topic of “the armor of God.” He said told me, “Notice that the Lord never tells you about how to cover your back. Maybe it’s because you’re always supposed to be looking forward and not to be looking back.” As I drove home I thought about this. How true was it? God told us he puts our sins far as the east is to the west. He always forgives us for every sin that we’ve ever done in life. He paid our debt on the cross. So why don’t we always reflect back to the past? 

What I took away from this is always look forward in every endeavor in your life. Because your battles are in front of you, not behind you. The devil tries to bring the pat in front of you. If you deny him the power, they will stay the past. 

I thought it was fascinating and I really like the truth in it. I thought I would share it to everybody else. Maybe you too are fighting battles that should be left in the past. Give them to God, and you never have to fight them again. 

I hope you have a good evening , over and out. – Marli 

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