Be still? I don’t have time! 


Have you ever been so busy that you literally forgot what the word “relax” felt like? If your like me, the end of the school year has got you booked up . Everyday there’s somewhere to go, someone to see, and making sure everyone is happy is your main goal. Aren’t we leaving someone out though? 

As I was editing, my eyes begin to hurt from staring at my computer screen for to long. It looked like a pretty day, from what I could see through out my window. I needed to take a small break and then back to work would be the goal. So I decided a nice walk would be convenient. 

As I was listening to my play list and enjoying walking; a slow song came on. I was just about to change it (because I can’t walk with slow music) when I began to listen to the words. “Be Still.” 

How many times have we forgotten to “be still.”. God told us to set asides a time  for him, and we Often times forget that.- “Be still and know that he is  God and he is enough. Because he is in control.” 

No matter how busy we get, no matter how many events we have on the calendar, no matter how many hours we have left of the day- he is loyal to us. We should be loyal to him. News flash- we will fail people. We will not make everyone happy, but their is one man who we won’t let down because he loves us so much and that’s Jesus. Make time for him. 

I have to walk and talk to him, maybe you just need to sit down and talk with him over lunch or breakfast. Driving down the road? He will be your shot gun rider. Don’t forget he is with us where we go. 

So how will you “Be still” in the busy world? When you make time for him, he makes your day better. 
I have to get back to work now, my walk is coming up soon! 😊

God Bless! 


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