I watched a short video today. It made me have chills. Not because this young man was so talented, no it was because of his words. His words that he spoke were words I asked myself. His words that he spoke of made me remember a time where I stood where he stood. His doubts where my doubts and his fears were mine. 
You are as Christians, we may not be the same color, size, gender, or minds; but if we have Christ in us we are equal. We are the same. The devil tries to tear us apart all the same. You see we are on the same team. The same army. We fight for the same God, and we have the same mission… 

No … We may not fight every battle alike; but we know the doubts because each on e of us has cried out to him the same way…. We have each cried on our knees for answers we think are relevant, but God knows there not. So he doesn’t answer. We feel betrayed- He knows he’s protecting.  
I encourage you to listen to the link I posted below. Truly listen to each word that is spoken. We all have doubted. We all have envyed the small child’s faith. Or the wiser more confident woman who knows she is dying . We all asked “Why can’t I have that faith?”. But God can use us, broken or put together. Do not fret, for we are not alone. And in the end we will win and stand before his throne! Do not be discouraged today, but understand the one whom you fight for! We will overcome- we have overcome- and we have already won! What are we waiting for? Why do we allow doubt to weigh us down? Because we are humans….
Don’t give up. Keep pressing forward.


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