How small are we? 

How small are we? At times we feel big, as if nothing could harm us. It’s for this reason drugs and alcohol exist. It hides the pain and blurs our vision to make us feel as if we are fine. “Fine.”, we use that word probably more than any other…. Are we really “fine?”. Are we fighting battles that no one knows of? Maybe you feel on top of the world, maybe like you have everything in perfect order, or like you don’t have to worry…. 

I started thinking about this Sunday evening & this morning. I got a new puppy Saturday and as petty as that sounds I was like a child in a candy store. – How could something so small make you feel so happy? 3.4 pounds of pure puppy. Some people would give their lives for this little girl, but when it came to a real child they would throw it away. How is that? 

I started thinking about how we don’t have anything under control. We can’t stop storms, we can just prepare for them. We can’t stop the grass from growing to high, we can only mow it. We can’t be in control of everything at once, but we can pray to the one who can. Why is it that we allow the thought that we are so big, that we can rule everything? As I look down at this puppy, it hit me. I maybe bigger than this dog, but to God I am the size of this 3.4 pound puppy…. Crazy? Maybe. But we find ourselves when we allow ourselves to truly see ourselves as God sees us…. Maybe I’m wrong, but I see it like that. 

Like the verse states above: he must become greater & I must become less. In other words- he must be greater and I have to look up as him as a small child would to their parent…. Being small doesn’t mean your giving up all control, it means your finally allowing the one who knows what happens tomorrow lead you where you need to go. Their is no shame in that. 

The world doesn’t understand that though…. They think it means we are weak, but the meek will inherit the earth. Not the boastful, not the proud, not the strong; but the meek, the humble, the small ones. Trust is what God wants from us. The trust as a puppy gives it owner . The trust a child gives to their parents. The trust we give to our spouse. He wants to be loved, respected, & trusted. But sometimes we only give him a hello. A “Oh hi God I’m stopping in to say Hi. Now I’m going to live my own life..” . That’s not how it works . 

He knows our greatest fears, our biggest dreams, our smallest details. He formed us. Literally each hair he placed on our heads. He made me and you. The grass and the trees. The storms and the sky. He made the birds and the animals. He made my puppy. He made my husband. He made everything. But we over look it all the time. Day by day. We take each hour, minute, and breath for granted. I once heard someone say, “If you woke up tomorrow to just the things you prayed to God and thanked him for what would you wake up to?”. Some wouldn’t wake up to anything…. Because they didn’t stop to give thanks to him. God wants you to talk about even the smallest things. Will you give him a moment? Remember he must become greater, we must become less. 

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