Over dramatic? 

In today’s world we sometimes get “over dramatic” about some of the stupidest things. What if we started getting “over dramatic” about things that really matter? Maybe your thinking about all of your Facebook post right now, maybe a conversation you had with friends last night, or even something you blew up about to your spouse. Don’t fret, I’m not downing you. I just want you to stop and think about it for a moment. 

This week the Oklahoma City Thunder lost a player: Kevin Durant. He has made a personal choice to change teams. Now there are people burning his gear, ranting on Facebook about “how bad of a person he is”, and even boycotting the OKC Thunder; all because of one player… Now doesn’t this all seem a little “over dramatic”?  I admit, I’ve never be a sports fan; however I have family who is. I don’t understand why we as humans would want to talk so badly about a person that we only know from tv, little long burn their gear because of it. 

You maybe sitting there wondering, what does this have to do with God? It has everything to do with it. God tells us to “Love one another.”. Yes this applies to even people we don’t fully know. He’s a human being. He probably had reasons personally and emotionally on why he wanted to leave the OKC; but most of all its his own business. We should be supporting him, lifting him up in prayer for a safe season, and not allowing this to take over our conversations and life; But we cont do that. Choosing to gossip about KD is much more exciting than praying for him. 

God also called us to “Be about his business.”. As a child I often heard, WWJD; but in today’s world it seems like we idolize people such as KD and change the saying to , WWKD. God is a jealous God. He tells us and proves that to us in the Old Testament. Do you remember the story about the Golden Calf? Well in summary; Moses went up to the Mount to talk to God and he left AAron there wig the people. They were supposed to be praying, but they got impatient. They started melting down all their gold and forming a calf. When it was done, they bowed down to it, worshipping it. God was not happy with this. Moses had to talk with God for awhile, thus saying why we have the commandment  “Thy shall have NO other Gods before ME.”.  

The main part of that commandment was No, as in None or Zero. -Why am I being this up? For this reason, we get so tied up with basketball players, musicians, TV stars, Hollywood, etc. that our eye site gets blurred. We then become the “Over Dramatic Christian”, who worries so much about worldly things that they can’t even remember what the love of God is. That’s when it gets dangerous. Loosing your love for Jesus isn’t something we should take lightly, but we just shrug it off and keep on living our lives. But what if we became “over dramatic” for all the right reasons? 

What if we got “dramatic” about lost souls? So much so that every post was about how to come to Christ. What if we started caring more about “who switched basketball teams”, and worry more about,”Praying for back sliding Christians to turn their lives back to Chris”.  What if we treated church like we treated the basketball games, and actually GO, participate, and cheer for God! But what if we really wore our Christian TShirts like we wore OKC/ KD shirts and wear them with pride, use them to actually start a conversation, but most of all believe in what it said.

The problem with being “over dramatic Christian” would mean that you would have to actually have to stop, read your Bible, listen to God, and then turn from the world in order to see the Heavenly Kingdom. That’s why their isn’t any “good” “over dramatic Christian” today. We can’t get passed silly things like, “what team KD changed to”, we we should be worried about, “I wonder if my neighbor knows about Christ?”. When will we wake up? Stop fretting about stupid stuff. One day Jesus is coming back and this won’t matter. We should be worried if KD is going to go to Heaven, and care less about what team he is playing for on Earth. 

So I hope that you see the point in being “over dramatic”. It’s ok to be “dramatic”, if it’s used in the right way. Focus on God and less of sport players. As we already seen, they let you down. But with God- He will NEVER LEAVE YOU. He’s always there. Maybe you’ve been back slidding, running from God, or need to find him. Call out to Jesus. It’s not hard. He will listen, you just have to pick up the “prayer phone” and ask for his help. 
Thank you! Have a blessed day!


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