Take Cover! 

Waking up to the news today that many Dallas Police Officers had been gunned down and killed by snipers, I was in shock. Yesterday I had just been in a smaller version of Dallas, (Or to me it was). I then tried to place myself in their shoes….
Scared, frightened, adrenaline rush, responsibility that they felt that they had upon their shoulders, but last the yearning that they must have felt to stay in the fight to try and help the people there…. My heart goes out to y’all. 

Jesus told us in the bible that our walk with him would not be easy. Look at Paul. He was thrown in prison after prison. He was beaten, mocked, but yet he still spoke about the Lord. Why? For the same reason those police officers stood in the fight last night. It was his duty. 

We are in a war right now, wether or not you want to admit it or not. Look around you. Children having babies, but then killing them to cover up their mistakes-because their told it’s not a human and its perfectly ok. Strangers killing gays and lesbians because they disagree with their life styles. People walking to schools and businesses killing harmless people just because. Murder is everywhere folks. ISIS is real and there will be a time coming were we too as Christians will have to stand up on this fight or run for cover…. 

God tells us he will “never leave you nor forsake you.” There’s comfort in those words. But why would search a loving God allow this terror? Well he doesn’t allow it. He allows us to make our own decisions. He allows you to pick and choose if you want to follow him or follow the world. What your seeing is a bunch of folks that have decided to follow their own path . So where’s the good in life? You won’t find that here… We as Christians will find peace in Heaven. That’s where the good is. We will never see it right now. 

Keep your eyes upon Heaven, this Earth will fade away. Killings will continue to happen, murders will continue to get out of what they did, sin and the devil will rule the Earth. And don’t let the Devil fool you- he knows his time is running out. How you ask? Because that’s why he is trying to destroy so much right now. That’s why there are more and more killings. That’s why the church is less and less full. That’s why Christians are starting to slowly follow the world and get stuck in false teachings . WAKE UP!  Jesus will be coming soon. I use to never think I’d see that day, but the older I get the more I see what my elders before me have told me. I pray I am ready for what’s up ahead. Not by my will, but by his I will be. Cling to God especially in this day in age. Pray for our nation and those who have lost their loved ones. Because this year, it will be a year of changes. Big changes. How much longer will God allow this? It tells us not even Jesus or the Angels know that question… And I’m not here telling you it’s tomorrow, but you do need to be prepared. Prepare others ! Prepare your families! If it was a tornado you’d take shelter, this is the beginning of a religious tornado. Get ready to take shelter…. 
May God bless you… My prayers are with Dallas at this time…. I pray yours are to. 


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