He finds you…. 

He finds you even when your not looking for him…. 

A lesson that we all need to realize.

 Life is crazy. It’s hard. It’s upsetting. It’s stressful. It’s full of heartache. It’s full of tears. Life isn’t easy. 

We often forget how loved we are. We look for that love everywhere. We look for it first in our spouses. Then our friends, but always our family last. (Mainly because we know they love us, but we feel like there paid to say that. Lol) We look for love in strangers & things. We search because we need that reassurance that we are loved. Even when we know we are…. 

We never (most of the times) look for our love in God. And He’s the only one that loves us before we even came to Earth. But he does. He loves us….. 

That’s why there are so many songs about God’s love. Our first song we learn as children is “Jesus loves me.”. And how true that simple song is…but how easy it is to forget. 

I was having a bad day today. And it’s not often I write about them. It’s just typical life that happened. Typical husband vs wife. Typical “hurry up and be dressed already” speech that I’m sure every husband in the world has given every wife in the world. I’m sure Adam probably told Eve to hurry up and choose between the Fig leave or the Palm leave dress…. And even then she couldn’t decide. But bad days happen… Fights , silly fights happen… It’s part of this journey… And as a wife, (for almost a year lol), it gets tiring. 

The list of jobs to do…. Not at work, but just at home…. *Clean the kitchen *Wash the clothes & then put them up *Cook supper *Clean up supper *Make everyone feel at home *Take the dog out etc etc. Then you have your job list, (and for me I have two jobs. Teaching Assistant & Photographer).  You feel overwhelmed, over worked, ran down. Your the first up and last to bed. Your the one everyone depends on. Your the one everyone looks to for  advice. Even your own mother calls to rant because it’s life and even she has problems. And you are always feeling like you can’t ask for “help.”. It’s a dirty word. No one likes This word. It’s always followed by a question you hate as well, “Why can’t you do it.”….. 

“Why can’t we?”…. That the. Follows up with, “What’s wrong with me?”  & “Does anyone even notice what I do?”. … 

That’s when he finds you…. Even when your not looking for him. Even when your searching the world for what you think you need to make you feel “loved”… 

He finds you in songs, book, a person. In my case a movie. He uses words that are said to show you how loved you are….. To quote the movie “Mom’s night out” it says, “My momma would tell me every night the same thing. Jesus loves you. He loves you for just being you.” . 

And it’s true….

God. Never. Stops. Loving. Us….. 

So next time you feel alone in this world. Next time you feel underappericated. Over worked. Not loved… Remember even though it’s hard. God finds you. He never stops loving us…. 

So cry, yell, throw a fit…but then be still. That’s when Gods about to move and show you how loved you are….. 

And for young married couples. Those silly fights happen. Even when your not planning them, looking for them, wanting them to happen- they happen. But life keeps going. Don’t hold the anger in. Remember your blessed. In good times and bad. For better or for worse… It’s a promise you two took to always be there. So tell your husband (or wife if your reading this) that you love them…. Maybe that’s all they need to know is how much you care… 

Hope y’all enjoyed this & hope it helps! 



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