Why do you write?

Here is why I write…. 
I write inspirational devotions, because I want to inspire. I am not the wisest in the land, I am not prefect, I am not the woman I need to be; but who is those things? God is. God is good, he is just, he is holy, he is love, & he is perfect. God didn’t have to forgive me and he still doesn’t have to forgive me time & time again; but he does… Why? Because he loves us….He loves you… That’s why I write this blog. That’s why when asked why I do what I do and say what I say; this is why… 

The other day Facebook asked me to describe myself & my blog…. I didn’t know how…. I didn’t have the words…  Then I found this saying, “Lord give me the words to express to others how beautiful your love for them is…” 

It summed up everything: this blog, our Christian walks, and God. It’s not because of me that I write; it’s because of him. It’s not because of my words that touch you; it’s because of him. I’m just a mere stepping stone on your path that helps you to get where you are going, or where he’s leading you… 

So I want to take the time to thank all of you for stopping in and reading these posts. Thank all of you who like and share the post to your friends. I write because God wants me to express his love for you. 

 I may not have many followers or likes; but in the end Jesus had 12 followers & Hitler had millions…. Who came out on top in the end? I encourage you to Be the 12 & express Gods love to others. 

Remember God loves you very much! And I appreciate you very much! 

❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼❤️- Marli 

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