Do I have enough faith in God to ask big prayers? 

I was sitting a work with the radio on and a song came on. The artist talked about the song and why he liked it, but the only thing I got out of it was this. “Have you ever prayed a prayer so big that after you prayed it, you asked yourself do I really want God to do what I just asked?” I sat there trying to think of I had… The song went on about make me broken, make me dry, so I can be fixed and healed. What courage that would take. 

So that’s when I went on thinking, do I have enough faith in God to ask big prayers? I believe in God. I trust him. He saved my soul, but do I trust him with my life? At times I don’t trust myself…. But why not trust God? As I write this even I’m questioning myself. Not because I don’t have faith enough in God, but because I don’t have enough faith in myself to ask… 

We get scared to ask “big” questions. We only see the failure in it. We only rely on ourselves, but yet we are the only ones that fail ourselves…. God has never once failed us, but we still choose us… Why is that? Why don’t we trust him more…? 

I think of Esther . She had enough faith that God would allow her to live that she risked her life…. I don’t know if I could do that. Could you? She fell before the king begging to save her people. One day we may have to fall before a president begging to save our people.. Think about it. Could you do it? Could you pray that big prayer? 

Esther 4:14 says, “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” 

I try to think, what is my time. What would you have me to do? But I can’t even pray the big prayers so how can my faith move mountains? He didn’t tell us this would be easy. Ask Paul. He even told us in Romans he fought with his flesh daily… Daily… And at times I can’t even get through the day… 

That’s when we need God. Hand over ALL out problems. He told us his yoke was easy, so why are we pulling the heavy load? It isn’t made for us. We are about to fall under it, give it up. And I talk to myself as well right now. I need to give some problems, worries, struggles, up to God and let him have his way. 

Maybe you don’t have a prayer to pray right now. Let me give you one. 

“Thy will be done.” 

That’s all you need to say. He will understand and see your way for your life. But we have to allow ourselves to let “His will be done.” Often times we stop the will of God. So today let him help you. Don’t be scared to pray the big prayers. He loves us. He cares. Don’t let it stop you. Let the weight of the world be lifted off of your shoulders. Let God carry our load. 

Hope this helps. 


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