Have you ever made a mistake? If you say no than your lying. Everyone makes mistakes throughout their lives even when you don’t want to. Maybe you’ve had to be the person who encounters someone’s mistakes. Maybe you have to coach them through it. We all are humans and no one perfect, but it’s how you react when someone or yourself makes a mistake that really counts. 

Being able to own up to your own mistake is he’s enough, but being able to coach some one through it, or even encounter someone’s mistake is a bigger thing to do. 

If you want to get technical, Romans 3:23 says ,”For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Basically in a different term, “We all have made mistakes that fell short of Gods expectations.” But if you remember, John 3:16 says that: “For God so loved the world, that he sent his only son. That whosever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life.”  

He loves us even in our faults. God told us in the New Testament that, “Others will see me in you by the way you love one another.”; (I paraphrased, but you know the verse.).  We are called to forgive and love each other. The bible says to forgive 7×70 times. That’s a lot. It’s not easy. 

I have been sitting on both sides of this. I have been the person who made a mistake, but I did not receive mercy. I still had to forgive in that situation and say I was sorry even after everything. 

But I have also been on the side where you had to encourage someone and keep going after a mistake was made. Getting mad about a problem won’t solve It. It won’t make anything change; it only makes whoever in the situation feel horrible for what was done. 

Jesus forgave us when we wasn’t even deserving of his love. He showed us mercy when we don’t deserve it. Remember that. Maybe you are angry, upset, etc over something. Please remember we are supposed to be Christ like. Show mercy. It makes a bigger difference if you do than yelling, crying, or being rude ever would. 

Mistakes… There not easy to deal with, but stay calm, love one another, & forgive. Isn’t that what Jesus would do? 

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