Waiting. Do we really wait? 

Waiting… It isn’t the most fun thing on this planet. As a kid your told to “wait” your turn, “wait” a minute, or even “wait” for me. When it comes to adult hood do we really “wait” for anything any more?  Everything in this world is Now! It’s instant, it’s faster and faster. No one has time for “wait”. 

This week God has been dealing with me on waiting. The bible says to “Wait upon the Lord your God.”, but we time “wait” by seconds or even a day. Then our prayer is; “Ok Lord I waited a day. What’s your answer?”. But that’s not how he works…. God’s wait is a week, a month, maybe even years. Do we have that kind of patience? 

I know I want God to hear me. I want God to answer my question now, but he talks slow and acts slow. He has his own timing. God doesn’t rush things. Why should he anyways? He knows what’s to happen and what has happened. Waiting for him is nothing. The bible tells us heaven will be like a 1,000 years when here on earth it would seem like 1 year… 

When God tells us to wait do we trust him? Another thing he has been talking to me about. Waiting and trusting in his timing. We always say we trust him. We always state that in our prayers, but do we live it in our life? I always tell God, “I trust you with this, but the next issue isn’t something I’m good at letting go.”. Is anyone else like that? Is it just me? How can I not trust a God who died for me with my life? It sounds so shallow of me. 

I’m not prefect, I’m not what God had in mind as the perfect child; but he never called me to be perfect. God called me to be me…Marli from Wright City Oklahoma. He called me to be a 24 year old young lady who will follow him as best as she can. Yes I’m learning how to wait, just as a child learns; But that’s what I am. A child of God. 

So next time you pray, don’t me scared to ask for patience, or be scared to wait when God says wait. Trusting in his timing isn’t easy. The saints we look up to didn’t have patience either. They had practice. 

So today I pray, “Lord I’m doing my best. Please help me with this. Help me wait upon you like a best friend. For you know what my journey holds for me. You know what your will is for me. Thy will be done. Thank you. Amen.”. 

I encourage you to take this prayer as a template and make it yours. No pray is alike. Remember God Called you to be yourself. No one is like you. He loves you more than you know. 

– Marli 

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