Are we like Flowers? 

Have you ever tried to grow flowers? There delicate, beautiful, and easy to hurt. That’s why I wonder if we are like flowers. God made each one of us special and unique. We each have different finger prints and different ideas, etc. Just like flowers. You have to baby flowers. Kind of  like God has to baby us at times. You have to feed them and give them attention and sunshine. You also have to protect them from storms and high winds. That’s why God made us flowers. 

You probably think I’m crazy, and that’s ok. One thing about growing flowers is that you have to pluck the dead leaves and petals off the good stems to make them grow larger and even more beautiful. That’s the hard part about being a flower. You see God is the Garnder in this life. He planted us here in different ways and made us different flower types. Some are roses and have hard thorns, some are Daisy’s who love the sunshine and spring up randomly in places that you’d never seen before. Some people are weeds because they like to be negative, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love them the same way as you and me. 

You see when God has to pluck our dead leaves, he uses trails. These trails are not by any means easy. He gives us storms that we have to go through. But there is always one thing he promises us always, “That he will never leave us nor forsake us.”. Sure we believe it until we are actually put to the test. Until he takes something away from us that is near and dear to us. Sometimes he answers prayers to show you a miracle. Then he may walk you through more fire to show you how much he is in control. We don’t ever understand why. Trust me I’ve asked. I’ve asked so many times he maybe sending me to voice mail. 

You see I write these posts on this blog about how good God is and why we should trust him. Is he God, yes all the time.  Should we trust him, absolutely. But sometimes He makes you actually have to walk through a trail in life so great that you can barely walk…. To see how much you actually love him. 

And that is what me and my husband are having to do right now. I know several others who are as well. This trail feels to much to handle. The load is heavy and consumes you with guilt. No one understands it unless your traveling through this trail yourself. I literally feel like I’ve been plucked, that my petals are missing. But God always gives us blessings, if you don’t believe me read the book of Job or 1 Samuel  Chapter 1-2. These people walked through fire, but God was always with them and always blessed them- ten times more than they expected. They say “Beauty comes from ashes”, then I’m waiting to become more beautiful when He’s done. 

You may think I sound strong, but trust me I’m weak. I fail God daily and struggle to walk with him down this unbeaten path he has my husband and I take. The only way I can make it is to believe in Him. If he is the Garnder than he knows how to replant, water, and take care of me- but like the flower I have to be willing… Willing to follow him at all costs…. literally all costs. That’s the part that is painful. But like the flowers I will let God have his way. Not because I have a choice, but because He has a way…. 

If you are in a trail let someone know. There IS someone going through the same thing somewhere in this life. I don’t believe God holds it against us when we get mad, ask why, or us upset at us. But remember he is looking down seeing a bigger picture. I don’t know what it is, I am in that same boat- but all we can do is trust him. That’s why we stand on the word of God. 
Thanks for reading, 

~ Marli 

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