Lessons in the Storm

With all these “storms” hitting America and other places, I think we understand impacts of storms. Wether it’s hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, etc; we know that they will leave an impact. We just never know how bad, big, or small of a mark it will leave behind. Our lessons in life is like that as well… Only difference is at times it’s more like a pop up shower or an urgent evacuation in which we didn’t prepare for; but it’s how we conduct ourselves that matters. It’s what God teaches us that truly molds and shapes us into who we are supposed to become.

The Bible explains life like this: God is the potter and we are the clay. He molds and shapes us into a new piece that he is creating. But like all artists or creative beings, we strive for perfection. And if you are making a vase and it isn’t coming out how you want it to look- you discard the clay, flatten it, and start a new… That’s our lives. God isn’t a God who sits in heaven saying, “Look Marli’s life is going to well- let’s destroy her world… Angels destroy her.” That’s NOT the God we serve. And if you think it is you may want to reevaluate God. Yes, God allows you to hurt. Yes, He does not answer every prayer. Yes, he allows thinks to happen to good people. Yes, he allows people to go to Hell- but what you don’t understand is the pain he feels with you. My dad told me this about parents: “If your not making your children mad half of the time than your not parenting right.” As mean as you may think it sounds, it’s true. Yes, I have gotten mad a time or two at my parents; because they wouldn’t let me go and hang out with friends, or let me drive places alone, or had me text every time I got to and left a place: but they were doing it for my safety. They been there done that and they knew what might could hurt me. They taught me what’s right and what’s not- morals- and respect.

Just like your Earthly parents allowed you to get hurt by that ex boyfriend or girlfriend that broke your heart, or allowed you to do something that they knew wouldn’t hurt you but would make you see that they were right, God does that to. He sees a larger scale than even your parents see. Even I seen for my own son. God sees everything. To be honest he knows when your storm is about to hit, just like the meteorologist do on the weather channel. He does prepare you inch by inch without knowing it however.

Even in the storm that’s raging in my life now, God is here and was there from the beginning. Looking back I can see little signs that stand out to me know saying, “I knew and was slowly helping you and you never knew why.”. Even Rhett’s baby announcement wasn’t a coincidence. I choose the verse Isaiah 49:16, “For I have written your name in the palms of my hands.” He knew Rhett’s name, his plan, his purpose, what was going to take place, and how he was going to leave a mark… I however didn’t know all that at the time, but I seen that verse as a comfort, and looking back at that to now I still do; because not only is his name written in his hands; he’s holding Rhett in his hands. Does that make the hit of the storm any less painful? No….and it never will: But now I am left with the question of, “How will I let this painful storm impact my life?”.

I could become horribly miserable, depressed, turn to bad things, let the Devil win, & never see or think positively again. OR: I could let this go and allow God to carry me, teach me to walk again, learn to become happy in the sorrow, help others, and show love . I refuse to allow the death of our son become a bad memory… Yes I’m hurting. Yes I long for him: so does my husband. Yes there are days I feel like I cannot find one good thing- but then she shows me something so simple it cheers me up just a tad. I’m cleaning up what the storm left behind just like the victims of Harvey and soon to be Irma. After the main part hits and tears up everything it still brings rains, floods, and winds- but eventually there will be sunshine. Until then you have to evaluate the damage done and see what ware going to make of it.

God has shown me love. A love that is hard to write about. He showed me through our son, what true, deep-love was. You see we lost our son- but so did God. God lost his son, Jesus when he died on the cross. He grieved. He hurt. So why can’t he understand our pain? He can, many just never see it that way. God hurts with just- just as your mom or dad or you parents hurt when you can’t help your children when they hurt. God feels that to. That’s why he wants to carry us. That’s why he is there in the mist. But as parents know sometimes your kid wants to be left allow or there is not helping them. All you can do is pray, hold them, and let God. We had to learn this the hard way. No one stands in line or signs up for this type of hard lesson. I know we didn’t. Some would say we drew the small stick of life, better luck next time… did we? I don’t think so. It’s part of our life plan unfortunately, and whatever your storm is is part of yours. This pain is real. This pain hurts. It isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that good people have to die: infants, Christian friends, daughters, sisters/sons, moms/dad’s: and the list goes on.

There is one thing that I can tell you: God sees you through it. Don’t give up on God because you can’t see him- or because a tragedy has happened. Storms come and go. We all have a time limit. We are like a vapor – here today and gone tomorrow. Our son was here for 13hours and he left marks on many many people in such a short amount of time. Others are here longer maybe 40, 60, 80, 100 years. Others just hours, months, days. God holds every name in his hand- and if your saved you will and can rest in knowing everything will be ok. One day, he will come back- and there will be no more tears, pain, sorrow, murders, death, sickness; sin. It’s forever and ever and I once was afraid of it- now I embrace it. God knows tomorrow. You have to let him prepare you slowly for your storm. Will you? It isn’t fun and I can tell you wether you want to be hit by life or not you will receive a storm. I don’t know how large it will be or the damage it will cause. I don’t know if it’s death of loved ones, sickness, or other things – but how will you let it impact you? God lets you choose that. He lets you choose how you want it to impact your life. If you choose God – he will guide you through the damage bringing you out of the flood zone in a boat to shore.

I’ll end with this that again my dad said:

“Wake up every morning and thank God for the breath he gave you. Try to be content in where you are in life, what you have, and what your going through. Try to live as best you can for God and he will do the rest. Trust him and don’t worry; Gods got this. It may not be in 2 years, 10 years, or when ever you want it to happen, but when he sends you a blessing: you’ll appreciate it more than you ever thought you would.”

I choose to be the pencil in Gods hand. I choose to let him use my bad days, my storm, and my life for his glory. Even though I worry at times; he has the road map- and I’m gonna let him drive.

Hope this helps,


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