Consider the Birds

In a world filled with stress, sometimes it’s hard to stop and admire God’s workmanship. As Sadie, (my dachshund), & I enjoyed our Saturday outside; many of my little birds Paid is a visit. Eating from the feeders hung nicely on the fence; the perched them not phased my our presence. Some chipped, some coo’ed, and some whistled. They did not seemed stressed out or afraid. As I sat on the porch, I was reminded of a verse in Matthew 6:25-26.

God cares for the birds of the air and every living thing. He cares for the grass, the deer, and other creatures unknown. They do not worry if they have a home, food, or water. They know the maker of heaven will provide.

In the parable Jesus spoke, it finally dawned on me. In order to fly freely, one must give their cares to the one who can carry the load. God knows our troubles, trails, wants, and needs. He knows what worries us, keeps us up at night, our fears, and our hurts. And just like the birds; He promises to care for us.

Are we greater than the birds? Yes. God loves all of his creations ; but he loves us more. That is why he died for us. You see we must give our all to God. Our hurts, our tears, our futures, our dreams, and our everything. We can not do anything without God. If that was true the Philippians 4:13 would not be needed, but Instead its States:

“I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me.”

It doesn’t say, “through my boss”, “Through my pastor”, and so on- but through Christ.

So as I sit and enjoy this wonderful weather, listening to my doves coo, and others flock to the feeders. I too sit as the birds do. Waiting to be told where I may fly to next. Where’s my next journey and what may it involve; but wherever it is- I will not be worried. God will make a way. He is the ” Way Maker. ” I don’t know if my wings will work, I don’t know how to soar, but with God as my guide- I will be unstoppable.

Cast your cares upon him, be free of your stress, and listen to the birds today. If he can care for them- he can take care of you.

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