Parent like God

Looking back at my life from time to time, there are moments I can tell you I have seen God. There are times I can tell you I have questioned God and have also felt like I have been alone without God. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care . However it’s just the opposite.

As parents you try to let your child gain independence slowly. You want them to be able to care for themselves one day, but you also don’t want to teach them “how to” all in one day. God does that too.

So when you let your child dress themselves in clothes that don’t match, or you let them choose their hairstyle, you are teaching them how it is to make choices. God does this as well. He lets us get up and choose everyday to worship him or not. Or better yet, how we will. Will it be a song or a verse today? Prayers of praise or will we ignore him? Whatever we choose, he allows us to do.

Then you have times as parents were you have to allow them to be tempted to see if they remember what you taught them. Maybe it’s a simple, “Don’t Chase the ball if it goes out of the fence” rule- or maybe it’s much harder than that. Even as children we know what we should and shouldn’t do. So again, God does this with us. But he allows us to be tempted. He allows us to choose what we think is right and wrong…

We won’t always make the right choices and he knows that. He loves us enough to hold us and tell us that we can choose better next time.

I know that right now I may not be an “Earthly” parent right now, (because my son is in heaven), but one day I hope to parent like God. Full of love. Full of forgiving grace. Teaching right from wrong. But until then I will try to let God parent me… because I want him to use me in great ways, not just for the small stuff.

– Marli Wright

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