Ripping up my life script

I listened to a preacher today, which I will link at the bottom of this blog, about the “Movie in my Mind”. He focused on the story of Mary & Martha; which to be honest I found funny.

You see I remember as a kid, (me being the oldest and all), always feeling for Martha. I was a church junior counselor for my church’s little kid campers at KBA Church Camp. They too preach on Mary & Martha. I remember Mrs. Betty placing her hand on my shoulder and smiling at me when she said, “We too have a Mary & Martha in our group.”. She of course was insinuating that I was the Martha & my sister, who was one of the campers, was the Mary. This was one of the first thoughts I envisioned in my head when the preacher started preaching this sermon.

Most of the time preachers say not to be caught up like Martha, but learn to sit like Mary. Which at times we all need to do, but this preacher told us how in life we need Martha’s. Which for once in my life I liked. After listening and realizing how true that statement was; he went on about how Martha was trying to play the director, editor, and act – all in the same scene of her own life. This hit me.

As a photographer, a videographer, & a writer, I have to make shots happen & story lines appear. I have to envision scenes to make the story line come together smoothly. I have to make people feel comfortable in a photo and capture their personality. I have to make sure my writing is understandable & relatable….but my down fall is I try to do the same in my spiritual life as well.

Like Martha she told Jesus to make her sister help her. We all know Jesus told Martha “No. That what she was doing is fine and she too should be like Mary.” Which we all know made Martha mad. Later on she called for Jesus when her brother was sick to heal him & Jesus showed up 4 days late. Which made Martha mad again & she probably met him in town and told him about all the way home.

I too have been Martha a lot in life, I mean looking back I can see what Mrs. Betty seen. In my spiritual walk I have looked at God and said, “Why aren’t we in scene 1 act 5?” “Why aren’t you showing me reasons why?” “Why did you heal all the children in the Bible, but when I called out to you to heal mine you let him die….” “Why me?” “Why aren’t we sticking to the script?” “Don’t you love me? Don’t you care?”

You see God never wanted us to try to be director, editor, or writer of our own stories. God does love & care for us. He does see us when we cry & hurt. He even healed Martha’s brother 4 days after him being dead. And when you hear about Mary & Martha again for the last time, it said “She served Jesus.” Meaning she did it this time with the right heart. Working & Worshiping.

Sometimes we forget about where God has lead us from and where he is trying to take us. We act like little kids asking over & over “Are we there yet?”, instead of actually enjoying the moment of being in the car with God. That’s all he wants.

So as I sit here. I think back. God did heal my son, Rhett. Just not how I wrote it in the script. God did bring me out of deep deep grief waters and lead me beside the Still waters. God did heal my sorrow & at times I feel joy & I don’t know how. He has giving me a peace that I can’t even write about, because there are no words for it. God has giving me a husband that puts up with my emotional ups & downs. A family & In-Laws that love me through it all. He’s giving me the ability to write, because he knows there is someone out there like me o who need to hear this too. And although this isn’t the story I wrote for my life, it’s God’s. So it’s time I rip up my script for my life, stop trying to make God fit into my scene and just be. Sometimes I too have to be told to “Be Still & let God.”.

It’s ok to have to work & do for others, but remember God sometimes needs you to stop. He needs you to just be you. He didn’t make anyone else like you. He doesn’t have another actor in the story that is coming to steal your lines. Sometimes grief, loss, hurt, & pain is in the story. It’s what that’s written after that is what God is trying to show you, (me).

So if your a Martha like me, don’t be upset about it. God needs Martha’s just like he needs Mary’s. Just tear up your script you think you have written for your life. I can guarantee that is not what’s going to happen. They say “Life happens”- but I really think it should be “God happens.”

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope your enjoyed it. Here at the bottom is the link to the preacher I heard today. I hope you can take an hour and listen to it. You will understand the blog even better, but God may even tell you something you need to hear.

Have a blessed day.

-Marli Wright

Angel Mom to Rhett Alec ❤️

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