Mary Did you Really know?

While singing tonight, to calm my daughter who was fighting sleep, my playlist put on “Mary did you know?”. Although a Christmas song, as I sang the lyrics, it hit me as a song that could be a year round song…

The question is asked over and over if , “Mary knew what all God was going to do through her baby…”. Many times I think she had some kind of “idea”, but she never truly knew. Mary just had faith. Mary followed the plan. Mary trusted that Gods plan would be carried on and that it was good… Mary was a young “lady”, & to have a faith like that is amazing…

They asked Mary if she knew her son would save her… They asked her if she knew that he would preform miracles, heal the sick, he would be a ruler. Many times I think she thought about that and probably thought, “really?”.

As humans, mothers, women; we question & doubt life. We wonder if we are “doing this right.”, “making the right choices.”, and “raising our children to know they are loved.”. Many times we are asked “if we know” just like Mary. It maybe, “Do you know your child is so good?”, or “Do you know your doing a great job?”. But tonight I put my name in that song instead of Mary’s.

Marli, did you know, your child has came to save you? Marli did you know your child has came to show you a miracle? Marli did you know, your child has came to do great things?

If you would have told me 2.5 years ago that I would have a beautiful daughter to hold that would show me hope when I had none, joy when I forgot what joy looked liked, and happiness that I never thought would exist again- I would tell you your insane! It was only a dream… A prayer I prayed, but didn’t know if God would answer it…

In the song it tells Mary that when she kisses her little baby, she kisses the face of God…. Lets pause for a moment… “Whoa.” Every child is a gift from God & to think that this child has seen God has known God before I have. Has seen her Big brother even though I cannot right now, is a BIG deal. If we pictured all children the way Mary did that day, what would our world be? Better I would hope.

You see Mary had Faith. Mary was asked the hard questions. Mary has the job she had to do… but so do we. As women, as mothers, as humans, we need faith. We need to be asked the “hard questions” in life. We need to expect miracles when we pray. We need to look on our children as Mary did. We need to hold our children up like Mary did. We need to ponder every second like Mary did. We need to raise them, love them, and cherish them as Mary did… We need to look at them and kiss them as we are kissing the face of God….but we also need to live a life for them as Mary did. A life of faith and to show them what they too need to strive for.

In Proverbs 31:10-31 it tells us women how we should be. It’s a passage I’ve always held close to my soul. It tells us how to act, carry ourselves, how we should love and be loyal. How we should be faithful to not only God, but to our husbands. And it tells us what our children would think of us in time… (Prov. 31:28)- “Her children will rise up & call her blessed.”

We should strive to be this woman. We should strive to be asked the questions Mary was asked. We should lay our childrens names on the alters of our church like Hannah. We should stand firm and believe it will happen like Elizabeth & Sarah. We should cry out to Jesus for a drink of water like the woman at the well. We should be helpful like Lydia. We should be the first to spread the good news of Jesus like Mary Magdalene and Martha.

Women have always been a key part of history, because behind every Godly man in the Bible was a God fearing, prayed up, faith believing woman! Where are those Godly men & women today? If you cannot find one, BE ONE! No you cannot say, “well I don’t need to be because my grandparents are…” well who’s going to follow in their place? Who’s going to carry the torch of faith? Timothy speaks highly of his mother & grandmother! Why? Because Godly women matter…. Godly women are rare. Godly women scare the devil so much more than any man. Why? Because he knows, when a Godly woman prays she means business. When a Godly woman is so close to God – God will answer her. When a Godly mother prayers over her children, he knows that the army of God is with them.

Today more than ever we need to be a Mary. A Hannah. An Elizabeth. And so forth. Today we need those women to be prayed up, read up, and ready to go to war with the devil. Why do I say this? Because if Heaven is real so is Hell. If you know God does miracles, & he does I’m holding one, the devil will also steal everything and crush your world, & I know because he has crushed mine. You see I have seen both worlds. I have witnessed the Good & the Bad. I have seen Gods healing hand and seen the evilness of the devil. It tells us that the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy-and let me tell you when he comes through your house it’s like a tornado your never seen coming .

So did Mary know? Did she know what they asked her? No. I do not think she knew, but I know in time after it was all said and done; she seen ever answer in one glimpse. Just as I do from time to time. When I look down, I understand why he sent me my rainbow. Why he made me wait. Why be gave me this handmade & unique baby girl… He sent her to show me love. To show me he answers prayers. To show me joy. To heal me. To tell others about his miracles. He knew I needed her more than she probably needs me, but one day she will grow up. And I need to make sure she knows how she needs to act, live, & strive for…but for now I’ll ponder her every moment- but for now like Mary I will continue ask myself; “Marli do you know?”…. and maybe one day I can say “Yes.”…..

*I challenge you to look at your life and see if you had to be a woman of the Bible who would you be and why? I’d love to know your answers! I relate to many of them and I have shared that often, but I want to hear from you!*

Thank you for reading,


Angel mom to Rhett Alec

Rainbow mom to Selah

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