Sitting in church today this hashtag kept coming to my mind. “Save the children”. If you haven’t seen it on social media, it’s to bring awareness to the human trafficking happening in the world today. To make people aware of the horrors that is happening to children in secret. Horrible acts that many children loose their lives & innocences too. But God took this a little deeper today. #Savethechildren .

What about the children who are abducted by satan, sin, lost and have no way out? Save these children too. We have to not only protect the children from horrors of the world but we have to reach deeper and save their little souls. Look around your church, how many little children do you see? If you say “not many” than you need to reach out and bring them in! They need saving. If we don’t bring the children to God how are they to ever know.

Jesus said in Matthew – “Bring the little children to me.” We are also told to have child like faith . How are supposed to do that if we have no children to see living by that faith? What will happen if we do not teach the children about God? A whole generation could miss Jesus because we slacked off on our job to save them. We are the body of Christ- why aren’t our hands reaching out to reach them?

Don’t let this message down play the original hashtag and what it means . There’s a real physical war going on out there right now. There are children scared because they don’t know where they are physically or mentally, but what about the spiritual war raging? Satan is like a loin roaring scaring his prey. He’s entrapping Children in fear of abuse, anxiety, family issues, and more. These children may not know that Jesus loves them. We have to reach them.

Schools have started back for many places . Teachers : you know the children I’m talking about. You see them, you know them, you feel for them- hug them and let them know they are loved. Invite them to church.

Church : we have to do better. Many families of young children are scared of being judged because their child is too loud, or maybe distracting. Let them know they are ok! If you do not have the chatter of little ones in your church, it will die. These chatter boxes are your next preachers, missionaries, teachers, and more. We must reach out, encourage them it’s ok that their loud, it’s ok that your late, it’s ok because we get it we have been there. Mine is loud. I feel like sometimes she’s singing or praying, who knows what she’s saying – but she’s there learning .

We as Christians need to act harder than ever because Jesus is going to come back soon. If we do not reach our children who will? If we don’t teach them the truth the world will tell them a lie they will believe. If we don’t reach these children they will miss heaven on our own selfishness of not reaching them ! So yes #SaveTheChildren but also #SaveThemSpirtually. Help save these children in human trafficking and in spiritual trafficking- the devil is trying to destroy them . Why? Because he knows if they can receive Jesus – they will destroy him.

“Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in his site – Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Thanks for reading .


Angel mom to Rhett – Rainbow mom to Selah

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