Get your house together!

Have you ever been so busy that you house looks like a tornado hit it while you were gone? If your like me “restful” weekends turn into “overloaded” weekends. Birthday parties, family get togethers, wedding showers, and so forth get in the way. By the time you finally get a moment of peace you do not want to spend it on cleaning. Clothes needs washing, dishes needs cleaning, and it’s as if you only have eyes for the dirty that is piling up on the floor…. As you lay in bed you think what your next day looks like. Dirty clothes to be cleaned, floors to be swept, trash to be taken out, dinners to be made, children to come behind and undo what you just did… How are we to do all of this! How do we get our house together?

Well just like house work that needs to be done in order to live in it peacefully again, our spiritual lives are the same. We need to Get our spiritual lives together again. So many times we treat out spiritual life like that old junk drawer… on Sundays we get dressed look nice and go to church. We sing, we pray, we go home kick off those Sunday shoes and close the door. We toss whatever we have left in our pockets into that old junk drawer for “safe keeping”, yet it will never be found again… That is until you go digging for something you need in there and reorganize that drawer again.

It’s time we get things together again. Get out that broom, start dusting the cobwebs off the ceiling of our hearts and get it together. The verse that came to my mind while thinking about this is Psalms 118:24 “For this is the Day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” This is the day! Not tomorrow not in a few hours, but now. This is the day to get my life cleaned up. This is the day I tackle the junk drawer. This is the day I dust off that bible and read it . This is the day I sweep the dirty out of my life. This is the day! This is the day! The Lord himself made this day, made me alive, woke me up with breath in my lungs – this day- for me to draw closer to him. And for that reason alone I will rejoice. I will thank him for it! How humbling is that verse ? God woke you up today, say thank you.. that’s all this verse is wanting.

So today, if you like me you have a whole house to clean, but don’t forget to clean your spiritual home as well. While the clothes are washing, the child is napping, or the food is cooking, take time to praise God for the now. Get your house together; for TODAY IS THE DAY.

Hope you enjoyed.


Angel mom to Rhett Alec

Rainbow mom to Selah

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