The late Mom

Have you ever been running so late for church you’ve almost considered not going? Well, that was me today. My child wanted to eat super slow, independently, and in her own cute silly way. I love mornings like this, when we aren’t rushed…. Clothes are nowhere to be found. What to wear? Does that match? What time is is now? As I’m running around packing a diaper bag and my child is still eating… the devil fought hard, and I almost said we are staying home..

If you that late mom, (like me), who use to live 1/2 mile from the local church growing up, to now 15-20 minutes from church – it’s a struggle. Leaving the house to make it on time some days is rough! But let me tell you something mom… GO. Be late. Maybe you are trying to sneak up stairs, slide Into that back pew, all before the preaching starts. Don’t mind the looks from the congregation as you slide into those doors, looking like a mess with a baby in your hip, just Go. Why? Because your baby will see church is a priority. Church matters. God matters. You (mom) care enough that they make it there…

Moms our jobs are hard enough, but church should be on our RSVPs to “Attend”. We clean, cook, play, etc and we need church. Sure some days we feel like our kids bounced up and down and we didn’t hear much of the preaching but your training your child to go. You know what though? If you go and make that effort, God will meet you where your at! He will meet you in that late mess , he will meet you in that hurried car ride, he will meet you in that stressful moment!

I’m writing this not to tell off on myself for being late , but this morning on my way to church it’s the latest I’ve been in awhile. I was upset, anxious about slipping in late, and God told me – it’s ok I’m glad your going. Glad I didn’t stay home. Glad I made the effort to attend church in person and that my child seen church.

Many times “I’m going to be late” is an EXCUSE! And now won’t online church we have gotten lazy. We use the late card as an excuse more than ever ! “Oh I’m going to be late – I’ll watch online.” “Oh I can’t find my shoes- I’ll watch or stay home.” Stop the excuses. And that goes for me to.

If we as parents make excuses for church now, our children will too. Don’t let them suffer because you didn’t get up on time. Even if they are eating slow. Even if you can’t find you shoes, your hair is a mess, and you feel like your thrown together: Go to church! Be the late mom. It’s ok.

If you see that late mom slip in, tell them afterwards your glad to see them there. Let me tell you , if their late, it must have been rough. It must have been a running late, slow eating, load up everyone on, out shoes on in the car, type morning. But don’t allow the devil to let you use the excuse any longer . We need church. We need recharging . God will meet you there , because with God there is no time limit on the cross or coming to him (Thank you Jesus!) . He just says “come” .

So late mom, I see you. I feel you. I am you. Welcome to church. I’m glad you came.


Angel mom to Rhett

Rainbow mom to Selah is

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