New year, New perspective

New year, New perspective

Out with the old, in with the new. 2020 is finally leaving and we are all hoping 2021 is nicer to us. I want to ask you though, Have we learned anything from 2020? Although I would love to answer yes for all of you reader, I simply cannot. That’s something I want you to reflect on.

Yes 2020 wasn’t what we had planned, but this year didn’t take Our God off guard. The same God who knew the day he would be crucified, the same God who made Heaven & Earth, the same God who counts the hairs on your very head each morning, the same God who was with Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, the same God who knows what tomorrow, the next year holds; was NOT taking off guard by 2020! He knew Covid would hit. He knew, what was to come… And yes I can hear the thoughts in your mind asking, “Then why allow it?”. The same reason my friend why I had to walk through fire in 2017… Because this too is part of our stories… This isn’t his doings . I cannot state the the devil come to KILL, STEAL, & DESTROY. He has done just that this 2020.

Covid is scary, I understand. So is loosing a son…any family member matter of fact. 2020 has not been my scariest year, if I was honest. At times I have been anxious about it. Yet, I knew loss. I knew pain. I knew also God . A God who loves at all , one whom is by our side is ALL things; that helped get me through. And it wasn’t my New Years resolutions.

As I lay here, reflecting on my year; I also reflect on some of my writings. You know I’m 2017 I wrote about Hope and new beautiful things that was to happen only to find that year to be full of sorrow and grief. 2018 I prayed and wrote about how I hope we can find peace in our storms to move forward, in 2019 I wrote how this would be OUR year in our fertility journey. Now I write about new perspectives. Each year our stories change. If we do not look back and see how God has brought us up from the ashes and made us new, how would we see the beauty even in this pandemic?

Yes many have lost many many dear loved ones. Many to covid, many to infant loss, many to things we cannot explain… 2020 has been many of yours 2017 for me. I can assure you, if you keep your eyes focused on God he will lead you through. Don’t give up now! Look back on how far you have come. Look at the small simple things in your life that has been so memorable.

2020 my rainbow turned one. She learned to walk. She can say Momma and many other phrases. A child I never thought would make it here indeed did. As I lay here tonight watching her sleep, I cannot phantom the thought process of God. He knows exactly where we are, our dreams, our hurts, and what we need. He made me a perfect baby girl, that I needed. I was sinking and he saved me.

I what you to know reader, I see you. I feel your hurts with you. I don’t know if your struggling with infertility or covid or something else, but God sees you. You maybe crying over a test that doesn’t show two lines. You maybe making hard decisions with family members that you don’t want to make. You maybe crying because you don’t know how you are to feed these hungry children… Give it to God. Let him show you the little things in life. It won’t feel better instantly. It may take years, like me. Don’t give up yet. I don’t care if it’s been 10 years, dream that dream. Hold on to that hope. And let’s shift our perspective this year and focus on contentment; whatever that maybe for you. Friend miracles still happen. I’m holding mine as we go into 2021. Don’t give up now. Give it to God and see where these 365 days take you. Reflect, Pray, and shift your perspective as 2021 rolls in.

Happy New Year! Thank you for supporting me over the years and reading my blogs. It means so much! Many blessings I hope come to you and yours this year.


Angel mom to Rhett and Rainbow mom to Selah

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