Real talk

Let’s get real about emotions for a moment…

We all want to act like we do not have anxiety, depression, fears, doubt, or anything that the devil is trying to soak into your heart. Are these emotions real? 100% ! Are they Biblical? Some would say no, but I say yes.

His knew when he called Thomas, that he would be a man who loved him but would struggle with Doubt . He struggled so much that when Jesus came back to see him , Thomas asked to feel his scars to make sure it was him. Did God love him any less? Nope!

There’s Peter . He denied knowing Jesus three times when asked. Did Jesus love him any less? Nope! In fact he told Peter – “I know you love me, but your going to deny me three times tonight.” Peter was scared. He was scared of the “what if’s” & “what could have happen” of that moment.

Sarah laughed at God because she didn’t believe she could have a child in her late years. I can only imagine her anxiety that happened when she carried that baby. Who knows how many losses she went through before that time. Who knows how many times she told God that this won’t happen.

What I’m getting at is that we all have times in life when we ask God if he’s still good. There are so many times we ask God if he still loves us through our flaws. If he still wants us even though we have “issues”.

Listen 🎧 He knew we were going to be messed up. He knew we were going to worry and have anxiety. He knew we would doubt and have depression at times. He didn’t call you to be perfect. He didn’t call you and then take all those issues away. What he wants is to work through that.

I was listening to a speaking and she said “Let God stand in the gap for you when you don’t think you can stand. Let God be what you can’t be especially in those moments.”

So instead of telling God “I’m sorry for doubting I’m sorry for this and that.” I started changing my plan to “Be what I can’t be. Love me when I feel unlovable. Be the calm when I feel like I’m being overtaken by the anxieties. Be what I don’t believe I can be, then help me to believe it.”

Even on late nights, a sick kid at times, fears I can’t control, lift your hand and say “Thank you. Thank you for loving me anyways.” What I’ve been learning is no matter how much my child my mess up, I love her . And if I love my child like this, how much more can God love me? Flaws, issues, grief, anxiety and all.

It may not be what I’m wanting but it’s more than what I did get to experience. I’m trying to find the good and the worship in all of the “issues”. I encourage you to do the same.

Jesus didn’t die and arise after three days to stop loving you… He did it because he loves you. And when we can wrap our heads around that, he can then become our friend and not just a man in the clouds who tells us what to do.

What can you start to change?
Start right now. Don’t wait.
The Bible is full of imperfect people, full of issues, full or doubts, full of emotions. Just start taking your emotions to the one who actually cares about you – so much so – he actually thought you were to die for!

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