Mother at the well??

A Mother’s Day Observation; that made me see How God can meet us where we are.

Mother’s Day. A day that can be bittersweet for a few, filled with joy for others, or terribly sorrowful for some. As I sat back and observed the day I noticed a few things.

My Mother’s Day started getting dressed for church. It always seems when you want a morning to go smoothly, it won’t. My child was being whiny & a toddler, I was trying to find the right dress, do my hair and not hold a sippy cup at the same time; and I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. As I thought to myself “This is Mother’s Day, can’t this day go a tad more smoothly?”. As I was thinking this to myself “Do it again by evaluation church” started to play. I felt God say, “Do it again. Tell me you anxieties. Do it again. Tell me how overwhelmed you are. Do it again. Let me listen.”. As I started to slowly let go and give it to God I felt my spirit lift.

In church we honored mother’s and for me the day it bittersweet. I’m thankful for my children; but I don’t get to share it physically with both of them. As I walked to the front with the others, I could hear mine say “Momma.” As I stood upfront. I have longed for that sound for many years; yet it’s always bittersweet Looking back to the pew. There should be two little ones smiling back at me. Two pointing at me. And that always makes me tear up…

As the service went on, we had more of a prayer service. I watched mother after mother come forward to be renewed in their strength, healed from anything bothering them, prayed for, praying for their families, and so forth. As I sat there I thought about the woman at the well & how God met her there where she was.

And it hit me. Somedays I feel just like that woman at the well… I wonder if anyone can see me? Can anyone see my hurt? Can anyone love me truly? Broken hearted and all?

On Mother’s Day and any day, we often have no more to give in our cups. We feel ran down and weak because of it. We often think as women, “Does anyone notice?! Does anyone care?!”. And God does. If you don’t know the story, Jesus went to the well and asked for a drink of water. The woman said “Why are you asking me? I am not a Jew. What are you even going to draw water with?”. As it rocked around Jesus was talking to her asking her questions he knew the answers to, but as she finally started talking and being truthful, she eventually found the one true living water Jesus was talking about. Jesus met her where she was. Jesus met her where she needed it the most. Jesus knew her life, issues, troubles, yet he still went and met her there in it all. Jesus renewed her just when she felt like she was done. He met her right there in her hurt. Right there in her mess. Her mess… As moms we know that phrase . “Blessed but a mess!”, “messy hair don’t care.”, all of the mom shirts have something about a mess on it; but in reality God wants us mess and all. That my friends is grace.

My whole point of this is that God hasn’t forgotten you. He sees you in your situation. He sees you in your anxiety, overwhelmed feelings, your fears, your feeling of being a bad mom, or needing strength in your daily walk. He sees you, but what your not seeing is him sitting at the well meeting you in your time of need.

Maybe your like me and your heart just hurts from time to time. I still tell God “This isn’t fair. This isn’t the life I wanted.”. And I am that woman at the well. I don’t wonder how God can love me when there are days I can’t find one reasons why I’m worthy. There are days it hurts so deeply it’s like everything happened all over again. And if I can imagine that woman in the Bible, I truly believe I feel her pain at times. Jesus made sure he traveled to that well on purpose, just to meet her. And I have to remember that I’m not alone on my road either. God travels to the well I’m sitting at, to remind me that I maybe a mess – but the savior of the world sought out me. Flawed & all.

I hope you can see this and know God is with you. And I also encourage you to listen to the song “Woman at the well by : Olivia Lane” also go read the story of the woman at the well (John 4:4-26) . Lysa TerKeurts does a series called “Finding I am” and the woman at the well is in this series. It changed my perspective on this story so I encourage you to read her series.

If you don’t think God can come to you in your “Mess”, there’s one thing I’ve observed from this weekend is He can meet you. He will sit with you in all of the “big feelings” your feeling & he will listen. I know because he has sat with me in my life and feelings daily. And if you wonder if anyone loves you – I can tell you God does 100% no doubt about it. If you feel like you “talk & no one is listening” ; look up- because God is. Please be encouraged… holidays are hard and some days in people’s lives – everyday stings. Just Know you are loved . Even if you don’t love yourself right now.

Have a wonderful day. Talk to God, he will meet you at your well .


Angel mom to Rhett

Rainbow mom to Selah

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