Make heaven crowded

I have been seeing posts and shirts for sale lately about “making heaven crowded”; and I’m not here to say I don’t want that. What I’m saying is what are we doing to do that? What are we doing daily to win those souls? Their not just going to get their on good works and our prayers. They have to be told about God and be saved. So yes let’s make heaven crowded, but let’s talk first.

Today our world is calling good evil and evil good… Satan isn’t even hiding it anymore. He’s got musicians dressing up like him, making clothing apparel with his name on them, he’s even got them saying “I’m possessed” etc, and people are laughing at this. They just ignore it and go on. The devil has got people where he’s wanting them. He’s got them arguing with every Christiania the Earth telling us that we are wrong, we are delusional, we are being too “old school”, we aren’t being nice and loving, and accepting… Wake Up Church!!!! Wake Up…

When Jesus went to the garden to pray, He asked the disciples with him to stay awake and pray with Him. Sadly they all fell asleep when He came back to them. Jesus was in front of them and they fell asleep. Jesus told a parable about keeping your oil ready. Nowadays it would be “keep your phone charged” and instead of bringing extra oil for your lamps it would be – bring a phone charger or two. It was all about being ready for when Jesus called… (Matthew 25:1-13)… Do you have your phone charged ? Batteries in your flash light with extras? Oil for your lamps? If your answer is no… you better hurry and come on… I don’t know how long it will be before He says He’s ready for us, but I do know I can’t save your spot in line. Yet we are screaming “Make heaven crowded” but we aren’t attempting to make Him crowded in our heart.

We do need to seek God and the lost. We do. Time is ticking. Yet we also need to be doing this in our own lives. Evil spelt backwards is live. If we can get the sinners to turn from their “evil” we can help them turn and show them how to “live” – but them need to see us “living” for God and not doing “evil” as well.

Wake up from your sleep and see what God is trying to show us. This world is NOT our home. This world is poking all sorts of fun at our God and He’s not going to take it for much longer. I just read a sitcom description in the info page tonight saying “So and so laugh at Jesus and make fun of his advice yet asks so and so for spiritual advice.” This junk is playing on TV wrapping minds all over . This is one of many poking fun . Did I watch this – no. I don’t watch that show- it was in the guide as I was looking for the animal plant for my daughter. It was an adult show, but how many kids are seeing it? You see Satan is laughing so hard right now. He’s so happy to see people laughing along with him poking fun at God but one day they too will have to look at Jesus face to face and be judged.

I believe God can save. I believe Christians can go out and help to try to make heaven crowded, but until we wake up- I’m not sure how that’s going to happen if no one is searching for these lost souls. Sad thing is; many of them are right under our noses. Our children – our families – our friends – our neighbors… the list goes on.

My heart is so heavy. People are turning to the government to fix us, medicine to free us from our homes, but if they knew the healing our God could do – how He can break every chain and heal- they wouldn’t be searching in those places.

Wake up Christians. Arise like Lazarus. It’s time to grab your sword and get ready for battle. Are you ready? Are you really wanting to “make heaven crowded” or do you just want to wear the shirt?

Pray for your nation. Pray for your hearts. Pray for sinners. Pray for Israel. Pray for you own self to be ready . The battle is here. Are you ready for the fight ?


Angel mom to Rhett & Rainbow mom to Selah

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