Tears that have fallen…

If you have ever fallen down, had your heart broken, a loved one passed on, or so on; you have had a tear fall. Tears are our human way of expressing feelings. There are happy tears, sad tears, tears that fall when words cannot be spoken, and tears that only the grieving can feel. Tears have been something that I use to avoid as much as possible. I found it to be “demeaning” or some sort. I felt like a sissy, a coward, or just plain pathetic. Then one day my life changed; and tears never stopped falling.

I know I may look normal. I may look strong. Maybe even inspirational to some; but the truth of it all is I am none of those things. I’m not even normal ! In 2017 my world was shattered. My heart literally stopped beating and I felt as if I couldn’t breath. What I had pictured for my life to be, all of a sudden became no longer. I couldn’t envision what I should do now . I couldn’t envision my life without my son; and on that day the tears rained down. It felt like Noah was about to build a boat, and sail away with all my tears that fell from my eyes.

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” – Psalms 56:8

I came upon this verse and many more in my time of sorrow; yet this one always stuck with me. You see: I use to see tears as a sign of weakness. I felt pathetic when I cried. That’s why I would avoid it at all cost. Then I learned how important & powerful tears are…

I once read a post about how tears have different traits about them put them in different categories. Tears look different under a microscope when grieving , than they do when your laughing at a joke. Even tears for heart break, sorrow, pain, etc; all have a different compound that makes them up. And our God did that. Our God can read our tears when we sometimes don’t know why we are crying. Our God did that!! I’m amazed by that. If you think about how God can read our tears- that verse takes on a new meaning!

“You (God) keep track of all my sorrows. You (God) have collected, read, & understood all of my tears. And You collected them in your bottles.. and only you (God) can read them to record them in your books.” (The Marli Version)

When you feel like you can’t pray, because you don’t have the right “words”. Well just let it out instead. God literally design our bodies so well, that he can read our tears when our mouth cannot speak. He can see our hearts; when the tears keep coming. And while He’s at it; He’s recounting the hairs on your head.

If you don’t think God cares when a tear is shed; read that verse again! Tears are powerful. There so precious God keeps them, and in the end; He wipes all of them all away forever! Those tears are the liquid Gold of the prayer world. Our tears mean we truly cared, hurt, and felt deeply for whatever we are praying for or lost. We all can recite a prayer that’s heartless, but you cannot cry a heartfelt tear and have no connection to it. God knows that.

Next time you feel a tear roll down your cheek, don’t be embarrassed. Embrace it instead. Let your tears, become your prayers. Let your mess, be your message. This hurt can be healed by the Father; but he has to show you a lot of the in-between first.

Have a wonderful fourth. Stay safe, and go to church Sunday!


Angel mom to Rhett & rainbow mom to Selah

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