Hanging on by a thread .

Luke 8:43-48

The other night I was chatting with a friend. This person was on my heart & God wanted me to check on her soul. Sometimes as Christians our souls need tending too… Yet when we are asked “How are we”: we say fine. As we talked she said she felt as if she was “Hanging on by a thread”. I too have felt this way in many seasons of my life. In grief I felt as if God didn’t see or care for me anymore. In infertility I felt as if I was punished or wounded. In motherhood I have felt crazy or not good enough. And the list goes on… Yet emotionally – My soul has been hanging on by a thread; as has hers. If your hanging on by a thread; I want you to follow me to a story of a women who literally did just that…

In Luke 8:43-48 there is a woman who suffered with a blood disorder. She suffered many years with this. Doctor after doctor told her they didn’t know why and she had no hope. She heard Jesus was going to be in town … She thought, “If I could just get to Him, he can help me.” That day town was crazier than Texans in Broken Bow Walmart. (If you live here you understand that’s crowded.) Yet she pushed through and grabbed on to Jesus’s thread at the end of his garment… He felt the power leave him and he asked – “Who just touched me?!”. His disciples thought he was crazy. They were saying, “Jesus don’t you know it’s more packed than a mall on Black Friday here?”. (Paraphrasing of course.) He agreed, but he knew someone touched him. Finally she came forth and told him she done this. Jesus told her because of her faith she would be healed.

Let’s focus on this Last part of the story for a bit. Jesus told her – that because she had the faith to touch him, she would be healed. This lady was literally hanging on to threads of Jesus! Faith strands! How many times have we been hanging by a thread and think, “Hmm if I would have the faith to touch the thread of Jesus he could help me out here?”. No … We unfortunately go to our friends, family, etc. and ask for advice.

This lady had issues. She was in pain physically & emotionally. She probably had some anxiety about going out because of all of the blood. She probably got some looks and was talked about behind her back. She probably lost close friends and family over her disorder. Yet she still had faith to hang on by the thread of Jesus.

Let’s look at our own lives for a minute. Grief stricken. Illnesses. Job losses. Anxiety. Mental disorders. Financial issues. I could go on and on. We all have something that’s making us hang on by a thread at times. What thread are we hanging on to though? Are we clinging to Jesus’s thread ? Or are we clinging to the world? If you haven’t noticed; the world is crumbling. It’s growing crazier by the minute. Our thread of the world will be cut and frayed at any moment… But if you have the Faith thread- Jesus will pull you up by it.

So today if your hanging on by the thread, I ask you which one? Run to Jesus and grab on to his thread. Just a tiny piece of it can move mountains, heal you, and restore you. Don’t let a tiny thread fool you. There is power in Jesus . Thread and all.

Prayers for you and yours .

Marli Wright –

Angel mom to Rhett & Rainbow mom to Selah

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